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    Created by RaymartBelza

      December 11, 2010, 8:17 am
    This is my walk through hope you like it even if you don't give me exp i don't care but i only want others to finish this game.

    1st level

    After following the beginning instructions, Anbot will find himself hanging from a flag-pole. To get him across the chasm, click on the following items in any order:

    1.The big X upper left
    2.The oblong upper right
    3.The circle below the square
    4.Click on Anbot x2

    2nd level

    1.Obviously the lasers need to be deactivated
    2.Click on the small circle on top of the key box
    3.Click on the key
    4.Click on the box that the key unlocks, top left
    5.Note the pattern in the box where the key had been
    6.Duplicate the pattern on the grid that appeared.
    7.Click on Anbot.
    8.Click on the helicopter.

    3rd level

    1.Click on the helicopter x4 to fire missiles at the tunnel blockage
    2.Click again on the helicopter to send through the tunnel

    4th level

    There are two metal crushers to safely pass through. The first bangs closed 3 times before pausing. The second bangs 6 times before pausing.

    5th level

    Monster Showdown! This brute will riddle Anbot's helicopter with bullet-holes. You can exchange a few rounds of ammunition with it, but to beat it:

    1.Shoot the cylinder above the machine x2
    2.Shoot the machine once more
    3.Click on Anbot

    6th level

    1.Replicate the pattern above the parachute by locating and clicking on hidden shapes around the screen. No particular order needed.
    2.Click on the unlocked padlock symbol
    3.Click on the parachute.
    4.Click on Anbot.

    7th level

    1.Replicate the order of coloured stripes as shown top left by clicking on the lever x4.
    2.Click on the top left striped box.
    3.Click on the 3 capsules.
    4.Click on the reddish thing that looks like a giant button to the left.

    8th level

    Anbot will be shot at again and will land suspended by his shredded parachute.

    1.Click the red button on the blue machine
    2.Click the lever twice.
    3.Click the circular joint on the pincers to close them.
    4.Click the lever twice.
    5.Click on the circular joint again.
    6.Click on Anbot.
    7.Click on the submarine.

    9th level

    1.Create an unbroken circuit by matching up the three tiles top right.
    2.Click the bottom tile x3.
    3.Click the middle tile once.
    4.Click the top tile x2.
    5.Click on the barrier to open it. on Anbot's submarine.

    10th level

    Captured by Claws! Shoot each fish three times, aiming with the crosshairs. If they get too close they'll munch on Anbot's sub.

    11th level

    1.Click on the blue platform above Anbot to lower the flap.
    2.Click the crate.
    3.Click the ladder.
    4.Click on Anbot x2.

    12th level

    1.Click on Anbot and he will touch the lasers above him. Steel doors will shut revealing numbers: 13269784
    2.Click on the button below Anbot to your left.
    3.A passage will open up revealing more buttons.
    4.Just keep pressing buttons until all passages are revealed and a blank number pad appears top left.
    5.The number layout is typical of a telephone keypad, so punch the numbers accordingly.
    6.Click on Anbot

    13th level

    1.Click on all 9 screws holding the bridge in place.
    2.Click on monster robot.
    3.Click on Anbot.

    14th level

    Click to make Anbot's all-terrain vehicle jump over mines. Survive for 10 seconds.

    15th level

    1.Click on the big red button to lower the platform.
    2.Click on Anbot.
    3.Click the red button again.
    4.Click on Anbot.

    16th level

    Click to keep Anbot's hovercraft elevated and guide through the cavern. Clicking and holding gives a nice boost upwards. Clicking repeatedly is not so effective but handy for little moves.

    17th level

    Note the authorized personnel only poster. Anbot will need to look similar to the image to get past the Eye Camera. Locate items around the screen to create Anbot's disguise.

    *2 x fan vents
    *2 x plants
    *Rubbish bin, click on it twice

    Then Click on the eye.

    18th level

    1.Click on the elevator.
    2.When it breaks down, click on the roof of the elevator.
    3.Click on Anbot.

    19th level

    1.Click on the white electrical conductor prongs so that they tilt left.
    2.Click on the lever.
    3.Click on Anbot twice.

    20th level

    1.Click on the barrel near Anbot.
    2.Click on the light blue stick to the left.
    3.Click on Anbot x2.

    21th level

    1.Note the openings along the gray pipe.
    2.Click on all three to close them.
    3.Click on the wheel above the monster robot.
    4.Click on Anbot.

    Last Level

    1.Click on Anbot.
    2.Click on the wedge near the wheel of the airplane.
    3.Watch Anbot fly off into the sunset.

    Well thanks for reading my walkthrough bye!

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