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    Created by kagenonamida

      December 16, 2010, 4:18 am
    Here is how I beat this game first remember some of this principles
    1) you cannot gain power unless you give out some life and money first
    2) "BLITZKRIEG" don't mind dying just make sure you die with someone
    3) the bigger the guns the powerful your are
    4) always use your power at the right time and with support ahead
    5) hate the super class zombie specially the tank it's a s*** hits great last long
    6) it's a trial and error game if you can't beat the higher level practice on the lower one

    ok here is what you gonna do

    send some weak defense in the field (shovel man) then focus on "salvage yard" your aim is to max this out you'll see why.
    don't get crazy in the mass production yet, don't panic if the zombies are near just keep in mind the first principle, if you have enough defense in front create the farm house then create some trailer to extend your population.
    second wave line up 3 angry farmer = 6 population and 4 shovel man=4 population.
    then create the garage let your population max in 10 for now until you have your garage and a pretty huge money to mass produce the survivalist.
    if you have the money max out the population slowly, make sure that there is always a two survivalist on the field.
    you don't need the anything else just these three characters
    now if you wish to have a little fun summoned the preacher.
    but you just need the shovel man, angry farmer and survivalist, click the mob for free mob of shovel man and angry farmer, mix them up with the survivalist.
    "PACK!!!" you have an angry mob with heavy armaments on the side and a rapid yaw-hee meter runner. if the zombie is trap in the corner send in the mob as soon as the cool down finish.
    this works for all level. simple yet EFFECTIVE

    oh! and as I said Practice makes it More easier to do to be honest I lost in the 4 stage one time. so have fun

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