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    Created by Evilgirl

      December 21, 2010, 5:32 pm
    1. Beginning.
    Ask the rabbit - "what is it that you want?". Follow the rabbit to the right and go down the hole in the tree.
    Grab the green air horn and walk to your right.
    use the air horn on the sleeping door lock and talk to him - where you can find Alicia?
    After the magic table appeared talk to the happy door lock and ask about - magic tables, now you need a horseshoe, so you need to get back to the trampoline. (in the room to the left)
    use the trampoline to get a horseshoe. put the horseshoe on the magic table and it turns in to a key.
    take the key and use it on the tiny door.
    look through the door and take the bottle inside. use it and you can get through the door.

    2. The garden.
    There is a little green mushroom take it and use the bottle on it. now you have a blue shrinking mushroom.
    walk to the next area. put the mushroom between you and the big mushroom with a Catterpillar.
    when it is in place a frog will jump up from behind the rock and eat the mushroom. after the frog is small talk to the catterpiller and ask - how to get back to normal size?
    take a piece from the red mushroom one pink part and one yellow part. eat the pink piece and you are normal again. before you walk to the right take a new piece from the mushroom.
    go to the next area.

    3. The rabbits house.
    In front of your feet next to the wall there is a bill.
    walk to the next area.
    Here is a bird with clothes, behind his feet is some pepper take it,
    go back to the house.
    Grab the carrot on the left of the door, enter the house.
    Take the cake and the lighter next to the lamp.
    use the elevator and use some pepper on the drawer that holds a secret.
    now you´r big. Take the ball on top of the chimney. and billy the lizard will appear.
    use the pink mushroom piece on your head to get normal again.
    grab the second paper from the left. Leave the house.
    go as far you can go to the right and talk to the big smile.
    the cheshire cat will appear then try the door. it is locked but will open
    when the time is 5 O'clock.

    4. Roulette!
    go to the bird with clothes again and give him the bill.
    Now you can use the roulette to use the road that goes "up".
    to use the roulette click on it select where to go and then go "up" the road.

    here you can go where ever you want...

    I started with the fake turtle

    select fake turtle on the roulette and go up the road.
    talk to the "turtle" and ask him - Why are you so sad?
    Give him the yellow piece of the mushroom from befor.
    then talk to him again and say - i need help.
    (he will give you a dynamite you will need later when you go through the locked door.)
    Behind the turtle far to the left in the middle there is a catapult but you can only see a small part of it.
    now go back to the roulette and select the twins "Tweedledee and Tweedledum"

    talk to one of them ask - don't you want to help me in this adventure?
    now you can take them with you in the inventory.
    go back to the roulette and select Humpty Dumpty

    talk to Humpty Dumpty, ask - what´s in the bag?
    use the ball on him and take the bag he drop.
    open the bag and use the stolen vowels on the paper. (now you have the password)

    now back to the roulette for the last stop the crazy hare.

    talk to the mad hatter ask - what time it is? and after that - what are you celebrating?
    now you can get the butter from the table far to the left and put the cake on the table in front of crazy hare.
    when the cake is in place talk to the mad hatter again and ask him - why don't you switch seats so you can be closer to your cake?
    he will jump in a seat and you can now take his seat.

    when you take a seat you will be in front of two flowers give the paper with the password.
    and they open a way to the clock master

    go inside talk to the clock and ask him - Why the angry face?
    talk to him again and ask - Can you move time to 5 o'clock?
    use the butter on the clock.

    now you can go all back to the roulette and then to the right to the locked door, but now is it open. go inside

    5 The queens castle

    inside the tree there is a bridge and a big bird.
    turn on the lighter and use it on the dynamite be quick to use it on the big bird
    when the bird is roasted take the chicken and use the bottle on it.
    now you have a shrinking chicken.
    go to the next area.

    Here is a big dog give him the chicken and he will shrink.
    take the sword from the stone walk to the right.
    now you are in front of the labyrinth.

    when you enter be quick to throw one of the twins and use him on the card soldiers.
    go to the next area.

    Stay here. (if you go to the next area the dragon will eat you.)

    Take the catapult and place it in the field. when the catapult is in place click on it so Obama is sitting on it.
    use the sword on the catapult rope under Obama (It can be a little hard to find where on the rope)


    By Evilgirl

    Credits: by Evilgirl (me)

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Jun 15, 2011 at 9:02 pm | report
      thanks for the walkthough it help me alot thanks :)

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