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    Created by Eori

      January 5, 2011, 9:44 am
    First,click on the middle bush of the bottom.Drag the stick to the bananas and click.Now pass.
    Keep clicking on the dolls until a monkey doll appears.
    Pick all the logs(one is hidden on the left bush)and the axe.Put one log at the tree log and cut them.Collect them and put on the basket.Next...
    Lift all the rocks to get an icepick.Break the cracked brick and get a scissor.Cut all the leaves and use the icepick on the upper right brick.Get the key and open the door.Next...
    Pick the tool hidden back on the statue and use in the box.Get the brush and the paper.Now color the statue.
    Remove the big rock and use the control do demolish the house.
    Get the key clicking on all cups.Open the cabinet and pick the spatula.Kill the insect.
    Open the third locker and get door handle and put on the first locker.Get the key and open the door.Pick the hammer,smash the piggy bank and put the coin in the panel.
    Look on the left door and put the numbers according to the simbols.Push the lever and go next.
    Get the rifle and shoot the thieves.
    Find energy and put in long box.
    Click on the sinals and move the train to the other house.
    Remove the lower left snow and trown the rock at the window.Pick the saw and cut the big branch.
    Pick the key back one book and open the box.turn the Tv on and open the thing at lower left bottom of the Tv.Put the disk and push the button.Pass the game.Next!
    Open fridge and pickup cheese.Place the cheese in front of the mouse hole and wait for the mouse to reward you with a hair pin.Pick up the hair pin and use it on the lock of the electricity box on the back wall.Move the little jar in spice cabinet on the right and pick up the fuse.Use the fuse on the fuse box (where on is missing).Open the sliding door.Pull the cord inside the closet to switch on light.Pick up pop corn.Pick up popcorn maker.Use pop corn on popcorn maker.Click on power cable to place the pug into the socket.Remove the lid from the poporn maker to make popcorn fly everywhere.NEXT!
    You have 180 seconds to find all the bells.Be fast!

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        on Jan 10, 2011 at 12:29 am | report


        on Jan 9, 2011 at 8:27 am | report
      You could number the stages at least Eori.. :S

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