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    Created by jiky3

      January 15, 2010, 9:00 pm
    Here is a walkthrough I've worked on. Some somethings don't have to be done to beat the game.

    1.Click on mirror to take glass shard.
    2.Click on the end of the bed near the toilet to take the bell.
    3.Click on the white bed sheet to take a strip of it.
    4.Click on the toilet handle to flush it. Click on the toilet bowl, then on the nut at the bottom of the bowl to take it.
    5.In your inventory, click on the sheet, the on the shard of glass to combine them.
    6.Turn to the right. Click on the x-rays taped to the window.
    7.Click on the poster of the man to remove it and reveal a hint.
    8.Click on the button under Lewis' hand to pick it up.
    9.Turn to the right again. Click on the Hatter to speak with him, and "reply" to be given a choice of responses. You can pick whichever ones you like. Continue speaking with him until he tells you to cut open Lewis.
    11.Turn to the left. Click on the makeshift knife in your inventory, then click on Lewis.
    12.Click on the nut in your inventory, then click on the hole in Lewis' chest.
    13.Click on the stomach until you get the message "This part of the stomach seems soft." Use the knife on that spot.
    14.Click on the hole in the stomach.
    15.Click on the makeshift knife in your inventory, then click on the worm to kill it. Wait until you grow large again.
    16.Turn to the right. Read the message the Hatter left.
    17.Turn to the right again. Click on the door to leave.
    18.Click on the open door at the end of the hallway.
    19.Turn to the right. Click on the newspaper and read it to get a clue.
    20.Click on the note taped to the shelves. Decipher the password using the newspaper story as a clue.
    If you still can't get it, its MARCH.
    21.Click on the computer screen. Type "help" and hit [enter] to get a list of commands.
    22.Type "Unlock" and hit [enter].
    23.Type "Unlock March" and hit [enter]
    24.Turn to the right twice and take the photos from the safe.
    25.Turn to the right again and click on the painting to get a clue. The three buttons on the right change various aspects of the painting; head, chest, and hands.
    Change the Painting to display: Head of a rooster. Chest with a heart. Hand dropping a coin. You may have to click each button several times to get it to display what you want.
    26.Wait for the door to descend. Click on it to go through.
    27.Click on the console in front of you.
    You Win

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Apr 13, 2011 at 5:50 pm | report
      Great walkthrough. It helped me when I got stuck half way through the game. Keep it up!

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