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    Created by lukeyboy

      January 18, 2011, 10:31 pm
    Level 01 (Oh Mona) – Click on the Mona Lisa painting.
    Level 02 (Drink Up) – Hold down on the liquid or the straw until all the liquid is gone.
    Level 03 (Balloon Party) – Click on the pin holding the flyer up, then drag the pin over the balloons to pop them.
    Level 04 (Party Pooper) – Drag the cereal and milk onto the monster. Once the monter does it’s business, drag it aside.
    Level 05 (Round n’ Round) – Spin all the windmills. Once the light come on, drag up the roof of the small house.
    Level 06 (Screwed Up) – Hold on the broken lightbulb to unscrew it, then drag the new lightbulb on the the light-shade.
    Level 07 (Sunny Day) – Click all the sunflower petals.
    Level 08 (Mazed In) – Grab the maze to twist and turn it until you get the ball out.
    Level 09 (Hole in the Wall) – Memorise the numbers and click them in order.
    Level 10 (Paintball) – Click when the cross-hair is over the balloons.
    Level 11 (Voodoo) – Drag the four pins to the body parts shown on top.
    Level 12 (In the Bin) – Drag all the pieces into the v-shape: 3rd piece from the right 1st, 2nd piece 2nd, 4th piece 3rd and 1st piece last.
    Level 13 (Magic Touch) – Drag all the stars into the hat. Click the wand. Drag up the bunny ears.
    Level 14 (Balls Away) – Click on a ball then its twin until all balls are gone.
    Level 15 (Breedathon) – Drag one of the aliens to the other in order to breed some eyeballs. Keep breeding until the play button pops out.
    Level 16 (Stack ‘em) – Drag the boxes to the right and stack them in the shaft to create space for more boxes to fall.
    Level 17 (Arrow Madness) – Click on the flashing arrow, then click the tile that the current tile is pointing to. If the current tile has 2 arrows, then skip a tile.
    Level 18 (Who nose) – Look at the noses of the parents, then click on the children until you have the inbetween shade.
    Level 19 (In The Dark) – Look in the corners for clues. The clue will show you the corner to go to and the desired pattern. Click the buttons until you have the right combo.
    Level 20 (Good Luck) – Hold the mouse button down long enough so you make it to the other side using only 7 clicks without dropping the crates.
    Level 21 (Gnomies) – Roll over the gnomes to see how many times they blink. Click the in order from 1 – 7.
    Level 22 (Alpha Doors) – Click on the doors until the objects spell PLAY. Pear / Ladder / Apple / Yin-Yang.
    Level 23 (Big Bite) – Click on the 3rd / biggest bite to hook the play button.
    Level 24 (Fling it) – Click on the pipe in ther upper left to drop a bomb. Fling the bomb towards the boxes until they are all destroyed.
    good job!

    Credits: lukeyboy

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