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    Created by hugo

      January 19, 2011, 6:14 am
    1st mission- shoot the guy on the tower

    2nd mission- shoot the sattelite(Roof of the mansion and then the guy on the small tree house

    3rd mission- Shoot the 3 cameras( 1 is o the big post(left middle side of the screen)
    and the other 2 cameras are together in up of a door) then the garage will open and a guy will appear kill him.

    4th mission- A guy will appear and scratch is head shoot him.

    5th mission- When the left side guard starts walkin shoot him then shoot the other guard

    6th mission- Shoot the guard in the balcony.

    7th mission- Shoot a guard and press d then shoot the other guard and the other-

    8th mission- shoot the guy in mid air or when in water.

    9th-Shoot the gas pump under the bbq and then the guy that stayed alive.

    10th- Shoot the running guy REQUIRED ACCURACY then the guard

    11th- Shoot the flashing spots in the car then the guard that will be shootin you

    12th- Shoot the rocket launcher dude 1 time and kill a guard then shoot the rocket lancher again and kill the outher guard then shoot him again. YOU DID IT CONGRATS

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