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    Created by WishMaster

      July 4, 2010, 4:08 pm
    Wow this game is preety hard, like all great games you start off with easy to beat levels but then things get complicated. Know with this walkthrough i cannot tell you that you will win the fight but it will make it easier for sure.

    Alrighty so every level you will get 2 points to upgrade your fighters and such but the tricky part is where to place these upgrades of yours.
    Upgrades will affect your strategy early in the game that could be good or it could be bad if you decided to add points without thinking through.
    one strategy is the straight forward fighter you'll want to upgrade your speartons(spartans, which in my opinion are awesome) or swordwrath(swordsman) to be powerful and to withstand alot of damage.

    Strategy number 2 plays like this if you dont want to get touched and be as cheaply as possible then upgrade your archidons(archers)and your magikill(magicians) and let them satnd in the side lines to kill your foe without them getting to close.

    Know for strategy number 3 this is the hardest strategy to work with but you can still use it, if you like money, put your points into your miner and statue and let the money role in. After that has happened upgrade what ever you see fit to help you in battle you will have to keep on adding men though which will get tedious but thats alright if your in to that stuff...

    Strategy number 4 is my last idea it's a mix of richness and fighting. Upgrade your miner and your swordwrath so you could keep sending in forces of men while not having to worry about losing your money i find this tatic good because it was what i used when i played this game.

    The trick is to upgrade what you see fit and to trust your gut :) it's war not a strole in the park. Also ALWAYS use one of your men because sometimes the bots could be quiet dumb. When you are beating a fight and the ememy is barley sending forces they go for the win, no? Wrong they go for the enemy soilders enstead. So you alone will bring down the statue while your army takes down the lasting enemy force which could lead to trouble.

    Thats all i got hope it helped out :3

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