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    Created by baxben7

      March 18, 2011, 12:19 pm
    Poor Obama kidnapped by evil bag headed people. But have no fear I will tell you what to do to save Obama. First off you start out in a chair tied up. Simply click on the door and push the mouth button. A guard will come him. Ask him if he will give you the bench. click the bench and choose the fist button. Obama will flip the bench into the air and knock off a pipe. Click the broken pipe that is connected to the wall and choose the fist button. Obama will jump into the wall and free himself. Now pick up everything on the floor by clicking on it and choosing the fist button. Now that you have the bench click it in your inventory and put it on top of the door. Click on the door and choose the mouth button. Call the guard in and he will get knocked out. Take his rifle so he can't use it anymore. In the next room there will be a black board, a light switch, and a safe. Click the light switch and choose the fist button. The lights will go out and obama will say something. Click on the flash light and then click the black board. You will see arrows write these down and then go to the safe. Use the arrows on the safe to get the paper, hammer and cell phone out of the safe. While the lights are out combine the flash light and the piece of paper together and you will see numbers. Write both of the numbers down and go to the next room. Use the cell phone and call morpheous. Tell him you need the sunglasses. He will give you the sun glasses. Put them on and go into the next room. In this room guards will shoot at them so click on the bullets when the hand shows up. (You must have the sunglasses or you will die) After this use the hammer that you took from the safe and whack the guards. Now that they are knocked out take the key and go into the next room. Obama will tell you he can't fly or something like that. So you must go back into the room with the safe. Click the key and then click the door. When you go into the door you will see E.T. Simply click the broken pipe in your inventory and then click the chair. (If this does not work click the chair and click the fist button) ET will be free. Click on the bike and choose the fist button. Then click ET and choose the fist button. Now head outside into the cell phone reception area and call trinity. Tell her you need a bike for flying with ET. She will give you the bike. Now go to the next room and then the room after that and choose the bike from you inventory. Make sure you have combined ET and the bike together. Now you will fly away but you must avoid evil Bush bugs. Simply avoid them and get back to the white house.
    Credits: Thanks for reading this walkthrough I hope it will help you in Obama's daily battles against the forces of evil :)

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