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    Created by Sokki

      March 17, 2010, 11:48 am
    1. Kick 2 times the right side of the wood that you are tied on and take the baseball with your legs.

    2. Throw the baseball into the honey jar and wait for the termite to eat the wood that you are tied on.
    Collect the baseball, spoon and the Honey jar, they will need you for later.

    3. See the tanks image and memorize their position. See the clock numbers and use the tank position to input the code for the locked door. Little hint, first number is 3. Proceed to the next room.

    To pass the lasers you need to wait for the perfect timing. (pass them after the longest time beam finish)

    4. Go into the dungeon and take the skull from the locked skeleton. Avoid the spider it will bite you without doubts. Leave the room and proceed to the part where are celebrity persons locked.

    Talk with Rambo and Jack Sparrow to find out more about them. My advice is to make all talks with each man, there stories are hilarious. Proceed to the next room.
    Talk with Yoda, maybe he will teach you hot to meditate.

    5. Enter the WC room. Take and read the note from Luke SkyWalker and find out what is the biggest secret about Yoda. Take the tweezers that are behind the sink. Take the Pen (attached on the newspaper) and the chocolate (in his pocket) from the dead skeleton that use the toilet?? Strange.. Leave the WC.

    Do NOT go into the next room unprepared. But you can do that just for fun :) There is the toughest guard called the Fulminator ....

    6. If you haven't yet now its time to Read the note from Luke SkyWalker and find out how to make Yoda to give you the floating Lightsaber, and how and where to Activate.

    7. See the Skull and use the Tweezers to get the golden tooth from it. Use the Pen on the Baseball to write an autograph from Babe Ruth.
    Offer the Gold tooth to the Parrot so that you can capture it. Go back into the Celebrity jail. Give the Parrot to Jack, and the Baseball to Rambo. They will give you some objects in return. Go Back into the Dungeon.

    8. Use the Insecticide twice on the Spider and when he drops down, take the spider net. Proceed ahead until you reach the Fulminator room.

    9. Once the LightSaber is activate you can proceed to the next room and cut Fulminator head off. When you enter his room, quickly select the Lightsaber and with it click on the Fulminator. Collect Fulminator head.

    Use the spider Net to combine it with the Spiderman glove. Use the Scissors to cut in half the Paintbrush. Attach the Fake Moustache on the Mask.

    10. Climb on the window and use your Loaded Spiderman glove on the tree nearby. Proceed ahead.

    Use your Perfect Mask if you like to have a chance to talk with the Pink Guards. To talk with them, just walk to them.
    Hint: Remember you are in the Guantanamo Jail.. Give your answers wisely..
    After you get over those Pink Guards proceed ahead and be prepared for the worst trap there is.

    11. Remove the Perfect Mask of your face, and use the Rambo Glasses. Once you use them, you will see that you are on mined field. Move carefully and avoid all mines, so that you can proceed to the Helicopter.

    Get yourself on the Helicopter and fly to the White House to stop Bush making his evil plan come true, or perhaps not...

    I didn't told how to do everything, but I left some hints that will be helpful for you. I hope you like my walkthrough :)
    p.s. Even I've completed this game several times, I didn't find out what you can do with the Fulminator head... Maybe its just a souvenir?

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        on Oct 4, 2013 at 10:29 am | report
      Haha a souvenir that's funny


        on Aug 23, 2010 at 4:10 pm | report
      I believe the code varies because mine began with 6


        on Aug 18, 2010 at 12:03 pm | report
      How do you get the gold tooth using the pair of tweezers?

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