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    Created by jvitor

      March 26, 2011, 2:12 pm
    1-A robo-click on it to drop a role, get the paper
    2-now click on the last drawer and take the lantern estantante
    3-go out and click on the toolbox and grab the nails and the hammer and the piece of wood
    4-now click the hammer on wood that is fallen and take the wood
    5-match nails with the wood and the piece of wood
    6-click on the wooden floor, and after the movie last put the lantern down
    7-then you go inside the spaceship and you'll get to know a little q minefield to spend the next part
    8-when you can grab a shovel and then with a shovel on the pieces of wreckage and then place the bulb
    9-get the bulb and place in the alien and grab the shovel and put the skull and then place in water
    10-now get the dvd and put the skull in the usb and dvd vr machine and then click the glasses
    11-you are now in a room, click on the screen of "diner daze
    12-click the cabinet and place promotion "941552" (You can find these numbers on the jukebox), get a hamburger and place in the skeleton, it will give you a bone
    13-fold and tighten the 2 channel changing times, click on the screen and get the record
    14-fold and squeeze in a channel switching time, now put the bone in the dog and take the time capsule
    15-fold and double-click the channel changes, click on the screen and put the time capsule in the sanctuary
    16-fold and press 2 times on channel changes, click on the screen and click on the card it says a number "2530", put that number in the time capsule
    17-module you will receive a health
    18-voltee place the module on port health
    19-now you will have to follow a sequence q
    20-did you get ready
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos jogos de escape

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