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    Created by Pookers

      July 8, 2010, 7:40 pm
    Alright everyone, here's how I beat it. I had some trouble with my clicking once being registered as double-clicking, so watch out for items in your inventory not actually being selected when you think they are!

    Grab the saw blade that's sitting on the bench on the left.

    Click the bones on the floor, and then grab the baseball bat.

    Turn to the left, then click on the sink. Grab the cup. Click the handle on the left to turn the water on. Get the cup from your inventory and fill it with water.

    Turn left again. Grab the book off of the bed. Open it and look at the colored words. The order in which they appear is important.

    Turn left. Click the buttons beneath the paintings (making sure you hear the beep) making sure to go in the order of the adjectives in the book. For example, the first colored word is "elated" which also means happy, so the first button you push should be the one connected to the happy painting. When you do these in the proper order, a hidden panel in the eye of the happy painting will open up. Click it and get the key.

    Turn left again. Click the hanging skeleton. Take the key you just got and unlock the skeleton's arms. The skeleton will move and you can now open a panel behind it. Open the panel and get the key.

    Turn left. Click the large medicine cabinet. Use the key you just got to open the medicine cabinet. Grab the crowbar and the strange container sitting on the top shelf.

    Click the strange container in your inventory. Click the colors to arrange them like the colors of the rainbow; from left to right: red, orange, yellow, green, indigo (light blue), blue.

    Click the cup of water, then the antidote.

    Turn left. Click the pillow on the bed. Click the pillow to move it an grab the magazine. Open the magazine to get the key.

    Use the crowbar on the pieces of wood on the door behind the bed. Use the key from the magazine to unlock that door.

    Open the door and grab the roll of tape from the jacket pocket. Click the tape, the bat, and the saw blade to create a saw.

    Turn left twice to view the dungeon windows. Use your saw on the bars to escape!

    Congrats! If you didn't get a chance, make sure to play again and just explore the room. There's some cool stuff, like a painting on the ceiling!

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