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    Created by lukeyboy

      April 28, 2011, 2:53 am
    1click on the gate then on potato man.
    2click on the key then the door then potato man .
    3click on the cage then on the demon then on potato man.
    4click on the 3rd nob then the first nob then on potato man.
    5click on te apple then on the spikey thing
    6click on the bat that is closer to you on its left wing then the right wing then this body then on the potato man.
    7click on the middle door then on potato man.
    8click near the spider web and a key will come click on the key then on the wood board then on the 2nd leaver then on the 4th leaver then on the 1st leaver then the 3rd leaver then on the key then the door then potato man
    9 click on both of the mirrors then the other potatoman then the rocks then potato man.
    10click on the rock on the elevator the the up swich click potato man and then the down swich then the swick near the cart.
    11click the 2nd cage then the demon then the key then the gate then potatoman
    12 click the rocks below potato man click the wire then blow the bom up.
    13click potatoman then a cage will come down click on it then potatoman then click the right leaver.
    14click the monster in the cage then the one sleeping then the doors under potato man then potato man
    15click the key near the top left corner and get the other key out and click it pull the leaver therer will be a plank of spair wood click on it then potato man
    16click on the brick that is pokeing out get the key then open the box open the bottle click potato man
    17 click on the top handel then the gate then thetrolly click the dino then the gear above potato man then click him
    18click the bubles untill thay are gone click potato man.
    19click near the key and agen a big bell will fall on the demon click the key then the monster x2 the the door then potato man.
    20click the little handel near potato man click the swich near the fan and the then the thin pokeing out under the fan then click the wheel in the fog generator then potato man
    21click the pin above the clock click the bell of the clock then the top wire then the key then potato man
    22just wait.
    Credits: me and time

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