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    Created by Gaston1212

      July 10, 2010, 9:48 am
    I know that its a bit long,but pliz read it :D:Angel: :Angel:
    Reincarnation: A Demon’s Day Out – Walkthrough

    Outside the house
    1. Beat the bush to make the frog come out.
    2. Lift the frog up into midair.
    3. Turn on the water tap and fill up the frog with water.
    4. Ready the frog for squirting.
    5. Knock on the door and squirt water into the guy’s face.
    6. Open the door and enter the house.

    In the kitchen
    1. Attempt to leave the kitchen and enter the lounge.
    2. Lift the dog bowl up into midair.
    3. Fill up the dog bowl with water.
    4. Put the dog bowl into the dish washer.
    5. Open the cabinet.
    6. Take out the can of dog food and place it onto the table.
    7. Lift the knife into midair.
    8. Cut open the can of dog food with the knife.
    9. Pour the bottle of hot sauce into the can of dog food.
    10. Lift the can of dog food into midair.
    11. Pour the can of dog food onto the floor.

    In the lounge
    1. Summon the cat into the lounge.
    2. Move the ball of yarn into the middle.
    3. Toss a snack onto the ground to lure the cat to the mouse hole.
    4. Lift the ball of yard and hover it next to the tree.
    5. Tie a piece of string to the tree.
    7. Ready the piece of string to be tied to the cat’s tail.
    8. Tie the piece of string to the cat’s tail.

    Outside the bedroom
    1. Remove the picture to reveal a key hole and color coded lock behind it.
    2. Lift the vase into midair.
    3. Toss the vase onto the floor, breaking and revealing a key inside.
    4. Lift up the key into midair.
    5. Shove the key into the keyhole to unlock the color coded lock.
    6. Click the first row once (yellow).
    7. Click the second row twice (pink).
    9. Click the third row once (white).

    In the bedroom
    1. Open the closet door.
    2. Lift the wrench up into midair.
    3. Open up the pipes allowing the water to flow down onto the floor.
    4. Lift the extension cord into midair.
    5. Connect the extension cord into the power outlet.
    6. Cause the alarm clock to ring.
    7. Lift the alarm clock up into midair.
    8. Put the alarm clock down onto the pool of water.
    9. Cause the alarm clock to ring again.

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