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    Created by Canrex

      May 7, 2011, 12:55 am
    Room 1:
    After the intro, quickly follow the signs saying "click here"
    Click on the ladder

    Room 2:
    Click the white lever, a panel will open
    Drag the symbols on the bottom of the screen into the panel that opened.
    Click on the train thing
    Click the thing blocking the track

    Room 3:
    Survive by shooting at the incoming enemies (There are 6 in total)

    Room 4:
    Click on Anbot
    Click giant spring, click on the hook quickly
    Click giant spring again
    Click on hook

    Room 5:
    Click on the first two spinning blades
    Click on Anbot
    Click each saw blade in turn to make sure Anbot doesn't hit them

    Room 6:
    Click the lock symbols until they are all unlocked
    Click Anbot

    Room 7:
    Click the crowbar close to Anbot
    Click Anbot
    Click top box 3 times
    Click Anbot
    Click switch
    Click box
    Click switch twice
    Click Anbot
    Click each screw so that they look like this: | - | (It forms a 'H')
    Click Anbot
    Click the lighting bolt
    Click each screw
    Flip the switch

    Room 8:
    Click ladder
    Click Anbot and then quickly click switch on the crusher thing
    Click Anbot
    Click on debris on the track
    Click the cart
    Click Anbot
    Click latch above Anbot's head
    Click ladder

    Room 9:
    Click the turret
    Shoot the Snake's head until the health box drops
    Click Anbot

    Room 10:
    Click latch
    Click Anbot
    Click Giant Drill cockpit

    Click the pile on the top twice
    Click the metal beam exposed
    Click the gas tanker

    Click the gas tanker twice
    Click the Drill cockpit

    Room 11:
    Click the cockpit
    Click the fence post near Anbot
    Click Anbot twice

    Room 12:
    Click the wheel on the first pillar 5 times
    Click the wheel on the second pillar 4 times
    Click the wheel on the third pillar 3 times
    Click Anbot

    Room 13:
    Click the wheel on the post
    Click the pile of rocks
    Click the wheel on the post again
    Click on Anbot and then quickly on the bucket
    Click on Anbot

    Room 14:
    Click the lightning symbol and unscrew the bolts

    Lets lay the buttons out like this
    1 2 3
    7 8 9
    Click 1 three times
    Click 2 twice
    Click 3 twice
    Click 4 once
    Click 5 once
    Don't click 6
    Click 7 three times
    Click 8 twice
    Click 9 twice
    If all else fails, the symbol you need to make is in the mountain to the left
    Click Anbot

    Room 15:
    Avoid the lasers by clicking the arrows on screen
    (Note, this is moderately difficult)

    Room 16:
    Click on the back wing of the craft
    Click the two rocks to the right of the spider
    Click on the stick two steps above the rocks
    Click Anbot

    Room 17:
    Click the broken off switch under the bridge
    Move the switches under the lift so the first one is set to III, and the second to V
    Click the fixed switch
    Click Anbot
    Click the lift box

    Room 18:
    Click the broken lift on the roof
    Click on the boat
    Click on the beam blocking the shed door
    Click the door
    Click the three boxes in turn
    Click the item
    Click the boat

    Room 19:
    Click the ladder
    Click the panel
    Click Anbot
    Click the button twice

    Shoot the ship until it hits you off the platform
    Collect the shield, shoot boss until you are knocked off the platform again
    Collect the first shield and shoot until the boss hits you with a laser, then collect the second shield, and repeat

    Repeat until the ship crashes
    Rapidly shoot the eye

    Your done!

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