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    Created by Jasomer

      May 7, 2011, 4:30 pm
    Pokémon TD Walkthrough
    Up to version alpha 2.4 (Mt. moon 2)
    7th May 2011

    1 1
    Click start>choose profile>new game.
    The game asks for your name, it's not a trick question or anything, keep Satoshi if you want.
    Professor Oak talks to you then asks you to pick a starter:

    Bulbasaur - Grass type - easy
    Does less damage vs. fire, other grass types, poison, flying, bug, dragon and steel.
    ^^^ This sounds bad, but bug types are weak and there are no steel or dragon types in the game. ^^^

    Charmander – Fire type – difficult
    Does less damage vs. water, other fire types, dragon and rock.
    ^^^ The reason why charmander is difficult is the amount of rock types early in the game. But once he learns dragon pulse he is ok. ^^^

    Squirtle – Water type - easiest
    Does less damage vs. grass, other water types and dragon.
    ^^^ I strongly suggest picking Squirtle, he is the easiest path through the game and is one of only 2 water types so far. ^^^

    Make your choice, I picked Squirtle (even though charmander is my fave).
    Team Rocket decide to send rattatas to steal rare candies in the lab, it is your job to protect them.
    But first, choose which game to play I picked red, because it has oddish, but there isn’t a huge difference either way.
    You will see most levels are locked; go into the level Oak’s Lab.
    The tutorial will show you how to build your team.
    Once you have finished, press start and the fun will begin.
    2 2
    My team:
    Squirtle Lv. 5
    It is almost impossible do lose this level. As long as you don’t change the attacks you’re using you will be fine. If a Pokémon can level up, there will be a little up arrow next to its picture. If you can afford the upgrade, it will flash red. There isn’t much else to use you money on, so buy every level as soon as you can.
    By the end of this level, your Pokémon should be at level 7. It will learn a new attack, like bubble. When you are choosing your team, you can choose attacks as well, so try to use attacks that will beat the Pokémon you’re facing. If you’re not sure which attacks hurt which types, try searching Google for ‘Pokémon type matchups or something’.
    Anyways, Gary will come in and finish the level with a cutscene now you can do the next level.
    3 3
    My team:
    Squirtle Lv. 7
    Team Rocket will hypnotise a kid into stealing rare candies, so you have to save the day again. Meanwhile, Gary decides to look for Ash, the Pokémon champion.
    Now you can get some new Pokémon. If you see a red health bar on a foe, drag the pokeball over it to add it to your team (it goes to storage if your team is full). If it goes into your team, remember to put it straight into the action.
    On wave 6 there is a boss. Not much of a boss, but still the strongest Pokémon you have fought so far. If you have two or more Pokémon, you will take him down easily.
    The boy (Joey) breaks out of hypnosis and you become friends and promise to fufill each other’s dreams. Naaawwwwww.
    You can do this level again for some extra cash/exp if you want.
    4 4
    My team:
    Squirtle Lv. 8
    Pidgey Lv. 6
    You arrive at Viridian City but soon leave for Route 2. The game gives a tutorial on catching Pokémon, but we already know how to do that. Some enemies arrive and Joey helps you fight this time. You should win first time. If you have Charmander, set his attack to ember. Play the level again if you want.
    5 5
    My team:
    Squirtle Lv. 9
    Pidgey Lv. 7
    Weedle Lv. 5
    Joey misses out on catching a Pikachu, but then gets caught himself by a Beedrill. For some reason, defending some random candies in the middle of the forest is going to help get him back.
    This level splits in two paths; I put Squirtle on the left and the others on the right. It might take a few tries to beat this level (if you lose, you keep all exp. and money). Just keep trying until you win. You need the exp. by now. It’s ok to train on other levels aswell. Your Pokémon might level up here. If they do, no not press the ‘stop evolving’ button without thinking. I have done this many times. :S
    6 6
    My team:
    Squirtle Lv. 11
    Pidgey Lv. 12
    Kakuna Lv. 9
    Pikachu Lv. 8
    Metapod Lv. 7
    NB: Pikachu is very rare; don’t cry if you can’t get one.
    If you picked Charmander, you probably thought things were going quite well. But now, you are stuffed. Train your Pokémon to level 13 - 15 then come back.
    If you didn’t pick Charmander, set your starter Pokémon to a water/grass attack and it’s like free exp. day.
    Team Rocket find Joey and bring him to the Gym Leader Brock, who also turns out to be in charge of Team Rocket. Mewtwo teleports you to the Gym and the level starts after Brock’s Onix eats loads of rare candies.
    When Joey prompts you, return all your Pokémon back to their balls or they die and go to Pokémon heaven. After the battle they get resurrected though.
    7 7
    My team:
    Squirtle Lv. 12
    Pidgey Lv. 12
    Beedrill Lv. 11
    Pikachu Lv. 9
    Metapod Lv. 6
    It actually turns out the Brock is the good guy, so he frees Joey and destroys Team Rocket. You and Joey go to Route 3 to catch Pokémon. There is nothing to defend here, just relax and catch some new ‘mon. If you picked Charmander, it is essential that you catch a Mankey. His low kick attack will help with more rock types later on.
    8 8
    My team:
    Squirtle Lv. 13
    Pidgey Lv. 13
    Beedrill Lv. 12
    Pikachu Lv. 11
    Butterfree Lv. 10
    Mankey Lv. 10
    Joey finally catches his Pikachu.
    Again, there is no objective here, I would suggest training to about level 15 here. You will need extra for Charmander.
    9 9
    My team:
    Squirtle Lv. 15
    Pidgey Lv. 15
    Beedrill Lv. 14
    Pikachu Lv. 14
    Butterfree Lv. 15
    Mankey Lv. 15
    On this stage you need to help Brock rescue his family by letting his Geodudes dig a tunnel to where they are being held. There are only 3 to protect, and the level has two paths, so plan wisely. Here is my layout:

    1 = Squirtle, water gun
    2 = Pidgey, quick attack
    3 = Beedrill, fury attack
    4 = Pikachu, thundershock
    5 = Butterfree, confusion
    6 = Mankey, karate chop
    10 10
    My team:
    Squirtle Lv. 15
    Pidgey Lv. 15
    Beedrill Lv. 15
    Pikachu Lv. 15
    Butterfree Lv. 16
    Mankey Lv. 16
    Somewhere in the sky, Gary finds Ash who is heading for Oak’s lab under the pursuit of the legendary bird trio, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Meanwhile, you clear the rocks and enter a cavern. It actually actually turns out that Brock was the bad guy, he was using you to help clear the rocks. He mentions a mysterious General. This is a tough level, but there are lots of fossils to lose, so go offensive. This was my layout:


    I used the same attacks and numbering as in
    For this level it really is important to try, try and try again. Once you are able to beat it, it is the best place to catch train and earn, with other water, grass and fire types appearing here. In one run, you can make about 6,000 meaningless currencies and those items in the shop suddenly aren’t so impossible to get.
    While we’re on the subject of the menu, there is a challenge mode where you can win a shiny geodude and a mystery gift section where you can enter codes for even more shines. I won’t tell you the codes, go to the developer’s sites and support them for the codes.
    11 11
    Copyright 2011 by Jasomer (you don’t need to know my real name stalkers.)
    This guide is not for sale, or public use.
    If you post it on forums or whatever, make sure you source likwid games and me, of course :)
    Credits: me

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:

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