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    Created by daryllizardo

      May 8, 2011, 2:47 am
    there are two ways to finish the game this is the fastest:
    inside the prison:
    pick up the mop
    use the mop on the loose brick
    use the mop on the bolted chamber pot
    use the mop on the dry dirt
    then click on the wet soil
    outside the prison:
    get the scarecrow and the onion on the farm to your right
    get back inside the prison by clicking the bush
    inside the prison:
    get the scarecrows outfit off by clicking the scarecrow and then clicking yourself
    put the scarecrow in the bed
    click on the loosen soil to get outside again
    now that your disguised click on the gate just right of the cell
    your now looking at your map click on the town square(you'll have to look for a wizard later)
    use the mop on the fountain
    click on the board thing to get a job
    then go back to the prison youll have to enter 2 places in the prison now
    first youll have to enter the prison and get your belongings
    click on what looks like half of a gate
    then go outside again and click on the bush to get in your cell
    get the scarecrow from your prison bed
    exit the prison grounds
    by now its 6:00
    go to the magic shop its the one with the vial with red stuff on it
    when you get there its already 7:00 just in time for the opening
    click on the door to get inside
    then click on the wizard to talk to him
    he'll need three things from you
    give him the mop,the arrowhead, and the gold
    now you'll need something from the dragon
    click on the dragons den just right from the magic shop
    talk to the three wizards
    click on the yellow wizard to take his first challenge
    the answer to the first challenge is the yello wizard
    click on the yellow wizard again to take his second challenge
    the answer to the second challenge is:
    click yourself and the red wizard
    click yourself again to go back
    click on the yellow and blue wizard and click on the red one
    click yourself and the red wizard and you'll be across
    dragons den:
    use the scarecrow on the dead corps
    use the canteen on the litter box
    use the pee on yourself
    use the onion on the dragon
    instead of killing you the dragon will burn the corps
    get out of the dragons den and back to the magic shop
    by now its 14:00
    get inside the magic shop
    give the dragon water to zanda
    go into the town square
    click on the job list again
    the girl will ask you to stop the bell
    click on the mute button to do so
    and then click on the jobs again
    get out of town and go back to the magic shop
    by now its 19:00
    use the gold peices on the haste scrolls
    talk to zanda and he will give you a wand
    then go to the inner gate
    use the haste scroll on the clock tower
    go inside the castle
    use the wand on the evil wizard
    then the prince
    then your finished

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