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    Created by sashko138

      July 15, 2010, 12:33 am

    Honestly this shouldn't need explaining... follow the instructions and kill the guys it tells you to kill.


    Wait for the guy to come out the door, shoot him. You get a bit of time to get a combo shot off on him. Then shoot at the guy who was sat opposite where he came out. Again a perfect chance for a combo shot.


    This level is dark. You have to time your shot well on the guys head to not accidentally hit the guard behind or in front of him.


    This is the first tricky one. I wait until the Nazi soldier comes out from the right hand side of the screen, and shoot him.

    Then move to the back of the line and spot the guy in the brown hat holding a knife, and kill him dead!


    Another tricky one. As soon as you shoot anyone, a bloke will run out from behind the bottom wall. You don't get much space to shoot him, so be quick about it. I like to fire off a warning shot, then shoot him as he runs, and search for anyone running who has the kill symbol and shoot them.

    If that fails, just shoot everyone

    Niemen River

    Here you have to get the guy out of his car. Shooting the tyres won't work, so you have to distract the guy some other way.

    Shoot the guard before the car arrives. The car will stop when it sees the guard, and the other dude will get out. Shoot him, and you're in for a win.

    It takes some time before the car arrives, so you can use this time to plant a combo shot on the guard.


    You must wait a while before you can shoot here. Be patient for a few minutes and the guys will arrive and stand around for a bit. They will wait till the guy in the orange shirt passes. During this time take note of everyone you have to kill, and everyone who to keep alive (kill everyone without the shield logo).

    As soon as the platform starts moving down, that's your que to start knocking some heads in. Feel free to get a combo shot down on the last guy if you have time and ammo.


    This one requires some speed, also go for head/body shots. The best way to do this is take note of where all the guys are and where they start running to, and blast their heads off. You can't wait too long before you start shooting or one bloke will wander off.


    Very similar to the last mission. Just be sure to not let anyone crawl away. Try to get as many people you can inside the building, once they get outside you don't have much time to kill them.


    This one is pretty easy, but be careful about your ammo. Kill the first guy walking towards the bomber dude in red. Then as the other guy starts running towards him, shoot him. At this point quickly take out the two guards in the bunker if you can. Then take out anyone running left, and watch for the guy in red to come out of the left side, running to the right. Be careful to look behind the guy in red as there will be a soldier chasing him.


    You gotta be accurate for this one.Sorry No Imagge can be aquired.


    You'll need some practice for this level. Everyone runs left. Use this to your advantage. Guys at the bottom run slowly so you have time to kill them, and don't waste ANY ammo. The most important thing is to look at the top left of the screen, you can see the guys through the windows when they are coming, but you won't get long to kill them once they're out in the open. Time your shots well, and don't let anyone escape.

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        on Mar 20, 2011 at 12:14 am | report
      I've played this game and you are absolutely wrong sashko 138. when you're describing Moscow you're wrong. you have to shoot the guard in front and that bullet goes right thru and hits your target and then you finish him off when he's on the ground. Honestly.... this shouldn't need explaining!! I guess if you could explain it correctly you might have a point. axe7man

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