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    Created by ParkourFro

      May 24, 2011, 1:57 pm
    This is a crafting guide for Castaway 2. Please comment if you have any more crafting for this game. Thank you for viewing and please thumbs up if you liked
    - ParkourFro, and Dafro101

    Shank Iron Hide = Wooden Sword 3X Wood Iron Ore
    Titan Scimitar = Scimitar Sapphire Globe
    Dartanian Sword = Piercer Emerald Globe
    Scholar Soccer’s = Sapphire Regal Sword
    Nail Bat = Iron Ignot Timber Wood
    Vindicator Club = Nail Bat Iron Globe
    Apprentice Wand = Stick Sapphire Shard
    Imp Branche = Apprentice Wand Gaea Seed
    Trusty Dagger = Rusty Dagger Alkahest
    Assassin Dagger = Trusty Dagger Ruby Shard
    Staff of the Magi = Seal of Magi Wizard’s Rod
    Widow Claw = Fachata Ruby Globe
    Razor Sword = Wooden Sword 5X Iron Globe
    Paladin’s Mace*** = Peace Batton Angel’s Tear
    Morning Star*** = Paladin’s Mace Vindicator
    Deadwood Staff*** = Imp Staff Necromancer’s Heart
    Cursed Kris = Dagger Gorgon Blood
    Regal Sword = Militia Sword Leather

    5X Gold Ninja Stars = Gold Ore Alkahest
    5X Ninja Stars = Iron Ore Alkahest
    5X Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby Dart = Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby Shard Alkahest
    Shuriken = Iron Alkahest

    Armors / Shields
    Beetle Shield = 3X Animal Hide 3X Animal Shell
    Round Shield = Wooden Shield Iron Ignot
    Warrior’s Shield = Knight’s Memento Round Shield
    Plate Chest Armor = Plate Leather Chest Armor
    Plate Helmet = Leather Helmet Plate
    Blast Shield = Iron Globe Warrior’s Shield
    Golem Armor = Leather Armor Golem Talisman
    Minotaur Armor = Golem Armor Minotaur Talisman
    Paladin Armor = Old Guard Armor Knight Talisman (Mage)
    Saint Armor = Paladin Armor Saint Talisman (Mage)
    Beetle God’s Shield*** = Blast Shield Beetle God Icon
    Plate Armor = Leather Armor Plate
    Plate Sleeves = Leather Sleeves Plate
    Plate Leggings = Leather Leggings Plate
    Minotaur Chest Armor = Golem Armor Minotaur Talisman

    Crafting Resources
    Plate = 3X Shell 3X Shell
    Solid Scale = 3X Plate Alkahest
    Iron Ignot = 3X Ore 3X Ore
    Iron Globe = 3X Iron Ignot Alkahest
    Timber = 3X Wood 3X Wood
    Sturdy = Lumber 3X Timber Alkahest
    Leather = 3X Hide 3X Hide
    Treated Leather = 3X Leather Alkahest
    Alkahest = Antidote Small Healing Potion
    Emerald = 3X Emerald Shard 3X Emerald Shard
    Sapphire = 3X Sapphire Shard 3X Sapphire Shard
    Ruby = 3X Ruby Shard 3X Ruby Shard
    Emerald Globe = 3X Emerald Alkahest
    Sapphire Globe = 3X Sapphire Alkahest
    Ruby Globe = 3X Ruby Alkahest
    Gold Ignot = 3X Gold Ore 3X Gold Ore
    Gold Globe = 3X Gold Ignot Alkahest
    Sturdy Lumber = 3X Lumber Alkahest
    Deadwood = Imp Branche Necromancer’s Heart

    Small Healing Potion = 3X Healing Herb Empty Bottle
    Medium Healing Potion = 6X Healing Herb Empty Bottle
    Large Healing Potion = 12X Healing Herb Empty Bottle
    Small Mana Potion = 3X Mana Herb Empty Bottle
    Medium Mana Potion = 6X Mana Herb Empty Bottle
    Large Mana Potion = 12X Mana Herb Empty Bottle
    Small Berry Potion = 3X Teras Berrie Empty Bottle
    Medium Berry Potion = 6X Teras Berrie Empty Bottle
    Large Berry Potion =12X Teras Berrie Empty Bottle
    Ambrosia Large Health Potion Large Mana Potion
    Panacea 5X Antidote Medium Health Potion

    Items with stars [***] need to be crafted at a Forge!

    Nymphs: Old Knights Memento Round Shield = Warrior’s Shield
    Mnemosyne: Sorcerer’s Sapphire Regal Sword = Scholar Sword
    Phoebe: Seal of Magi Wizard Rod = Staff of Magi
    Theia: Gorgon’s Blood Rusted Dagger = Cursed Kris
    Tethys: Angel’s Tear Peace Baton = Paladin Mace
    Rhea: Vindicator Paladin Mace = Morning Star
    Forgotten: Beetle God Essence Blast Shield = Beetle God Shield
    Themis: Necromancer Heart Imp Branch = Deadwood Staff

    If you have any more crafting ideas, please comment below and we will update and thumbs up that item. Enjoy =)
    Credits: ParkourFro and Dafro101

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on May 26, 2014 at 3:22 pm | report


        on May 26, 2014 at 3:20 pm | report
      TRUSTY Dagger = 1 Rusted Dagger 1 Alkahest


        on Nov 28, 2012 at 9:41 am | report
      You do not craft a rusty dagger btw



        on May 20, 2012 at 2:06 am | report
      how do you make a rusty dagger



        on May 20, 2012 at 1:41 am | report
      commando92 i got from snakes lol

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