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    Created by YngwieOfDoom

      June 1, 2011, 1:38 am
    pokemon TD is a real fun game.

    at the start u need to choose between charmander squirtel or bulbasaur. those bulbasaur in my opinion leach seed is pretty handy to have..

    lv 1 with ratatta is not hard.. just 5 rounds of week ratattas between lv 1-5

    in lv 2 u get to route 1 there u wil see a short story of team rocket and there evil plans.

    they use hypnociss to get a trainer to do stuff for them..

    then u get the waves thats contains only pidgey and ratatta between lv 3-5

    if u cleared the waves the trainer wil send out a pidgey of hes own not really know witch lv but i think between 7-13

    then u got lv 3 route 3 in this lv u wil get pidgey ratatta and catarpie of lv 2-6?

    if u beaten them all there wil apair a boss.. a big rattata not really someting but okey

    in lv 4 viridian forest u wil met some pikachu try to catch them there awesome.

    this lv contains only bug pokemon and some times pikachu. these pokemon are lv 3-6 there apairs2 bosses if u cleared the waves. 2 pretty vast pikachus who cant be captured.. try catching a catarpie before to slow them down with string shot

    lv 5 is pewter gym. u need to fight against brock now! watch it hes a hard 1 if u dont know what to do. hes also a challange mode where u can win a shiny geodude. this lv is pretty hard to handle..

    brock uses pokemon between lv 9-15 i gues. most of them are rock or sand( wel every 1 of them )

    sandscrew geodude and onyx.
    when u cleared the waves brock wil call out hes onyx

    you need to take ur pokemon back
    or else your pokemon are death:P.. lol

    then replace them and kill the onyxes .they are pretty fast so try using strong shot. and use leach seed if u choosed bulbasaur and after that use razor leaf

    them route 3.

    route 3 is nothing its just a bonus lv to capture new pokemon.

    they got 30 waves. so nice way to train

    viridian forest2

    same as route 3 but this 1 is kinda diffrent u need to place your pokemon in 2 diffrent sides or else 1 of the lines wil walk freely tough the wave lol
    u can capture medapot pikachu butterfree kakuna and beedril here

    then u get MT moon 1 here u see brock again.. if u tryed the challange mode and u god the geodude it comes for handy right now..
    there is a special place for rock pokemon only..
    (for people who play the hacked version.) (train your geodude to lv 36 then it knows stealth rock.. its doenst matter if it doenst evolve because this move can own everything)

    wel mt moon bla bla u get geodudes bla bla etc etc. sam crap as the other lvs.

    mt moon2 is same but diffrent setup witch mean there are more places . there are 4 places to set ur pokemon

    place 2-2-2 would be best formation. (if u got the shiny zubat use confuse ray) at first line with a pokemon knows poision powder

    2e line set pokemon with strong movement.

    3e line set pokemon that uses sand attack or movements that stopt pokemon for helding items

    if youre done u finaly meet the 2e gym. this 1 is pretty hard..but same crap as the last lvs..
    but to tip you use electric pokemon ifre pokemon and grass pokemon

    the last lv! is kyourge! yea hes piece of cape just use 2 electric pokemon while doing thunderbolt and hes down in aboutn 2 mins.

    hope this helped u bye:P

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Feb 16, 2012 at 11:50 am | report
      all the pokemon tower defense walkthroughs are WAY outdated, I'd make one, once Sam and Dan have stated that they have completed all game updates, and won't update it anymore, but there are currently 4 walkthroughs on this game, and there isn't room for any more :/


        on Feb 15, 2012 at 5:44 am | report
      those anyone knows how to past the 2nd lvl of the 4th chapter?


        on Jul 27, 2011 at 12:42 am | report
      the level that says coming soon is kyogre?


        on Jul 24, 2011 at 10:58 am | report
      thanks man ;)


        on Jul 22, 2011 at 4:16 am | report
      this walkthrough really works!!

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