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    Created by konagai

      June 1, 2011, 3:40 am
    Arcuz mini-guide - more like a build suggestion.

    STEP 1 - Go Falchion.

    It's simply because the falchion is the only weapon type that can achieve 18-hit combos in one-on-one battle. Buy just maxing out finality and specialty of falchion, once you manage a full combo, simply follow the last strike with 13-hit rapid strike. If the enemy tend to escape before you land the final strike, you can even start the rapid strike the last hit before the combo finish.

    Well, flying numbers alone can't really be that awesome, so the 18-hit combo will work along with.

    STEP 2 - Leech and Thunder.

    Here's the deal: falchion, being the fastest weapon. You can strike the monsters a few more times after the monster is freezing there dead (the time lapse between the "you killed" message and when the monster falls) AND each additional strike within that time lapse are considered more final blows. Although you won't get multiplied EXP, but if you have get HP/SP after killing, you will get your leeched HP/SP, multiplied. Imagine if you can spam another 18-hit combo, and yes, it's possible.

    You have 5 pieces of armor on you, farm around and work towards SP leech up to 12 per kill, then to 20 in the final levels. And aim for 50 HP leech per kill. If the potion vendor decide to sell stones/crystals, buy it, quit the window, reengage the vendor and buy again to your heart's content.

    With end result of 50/20 leech, you'll find yourself pretty much immortal with unlimited supply of mana, since 2-3 kills will refill an almost empty mana bar. Even a well-aimed Big Bang skill that use 100% of your mana, if you kill all the target your mana will spring right back to full.

    Thunder is self-explanatory, stunning keeps your 18-hit combos going in continuous stream. Once you get the enemy isolated a locked in a stun, there's a clean kill and leech. On average you'd deal the finishing blow with the finality strike, if you follow with "posthumous" 13-hit combo, you'll net yourself 650 HP and 260 SP, more than enough to sustain a big hit

    Step 3 - Crit hit, block chance, magic resistance.

    With 5 armors with more compositions available and 4 more accessories. If you can make room for crit hit, go for it. I got my crit rate up to 70 and not even my compositions are maxed out. It works wonder, especially with thunder and 18-hits. Shields are subject to lv. 3-4 increase block rate by default, so you don't have to consider putting crit there, unless you got golden armors and have 8 compositions at hand.

    Magic resistance aren't just for pure magic spells (which are easily avoided unless the case of final boss) But it's actually the ONLY MEAN you can dodge elemental attacks (fire, thunder, ice, poison) So the rest of your compositions should be aiming for magic resistance.

    As per character stats, agility and luck comes after strength BUT before constitution, if you score enough HP/SP(with holy light activated) you should be able to get some extra block rate and extra crit rate. Be sure to uphold brute force and sustain your vitality, though.

    Step 4 - All the rest

    is just common sense, these are a couple of obvious tips.
    - Isolate, then kill.
    - Holy Light Speed up maxed
    - The rest of your compositions will go to HP/SP recovery, drop rate(helps farming) and hp/def/atk/weight/sp bonus, prioritized respectively. This will compensate for your low constitution.
    - Always restock your potions, have a few rejuvenation potions at hand. And if you can find archangel potion, save it for when holy light runs out in boss battles.

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      its great



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        on Jul 19, 2011 at 5:01 pm | report do you get a Falchion? It is'nt at the weapon seller...Tell me where to get one :/


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