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    Created by sashko138

      July 21, 2010, 5:09 am
    You start off staring at a portrait, grab the flippers and quickly turn to the bed.
    Look under the mattress for the screwdriver and Cork-opener.
    Turn to the locked door. There's a leaky hole that will drown you if you don't hurry!
    Use the screwdriver to open the cement block and grab the bottle
    Open the bottle with the cork-opener to get the cork.
    Use the cork to plug the hole.
    Now turn right and grab the sextant. Look out the porthole for a surprise.
    Open the draws and grab the book.
    Remember the portrait? Go back and click on it.
    A locked safe. But instead of numbers, there's cardinal directions.
    Read the book.
    Notice he capitalizes each cardinal direction as he writes.
    The order is: North, East, West, South
    Use that combination on the safe to open it and find a key.
    Unfortunately, the key won't open the door.
    You need to lower that safe, but how?
    Go to the cement block and weights scale.
    You need to guess the weights to open it
    It's difficult to read, but try 9lb, 5lb, and 1lb.
    Grab the shorts and fishing pole.
    Use the fishing pole crank to lower the chest.
    Use the key to open the chest.
    Grab the torch.
    Try to use the torch. There's a keypad combination you need to find.
    Look up.
    See the zodiac signs? Use the sextant
    The sextant has signs reading left to right on the bottom
    Match the signs to find out the keycode: 417958
    Use the keycode on the torch to activate it.
    Remember that metal hole? Use the torch on it.
    Before escaping, put on your shorts and flippers!
    Watch the ending.

    Hope i helped.
    Credits: Me The Game My Brain

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        on Jul 21, 2010 at 3:44 pm | report
      Umm i already made this walkthough before you and sokki....why do you even make one if mine was approved? now theres 3 walkthrough for 1 game. -.-


        on Jul 21, 2010 at 1:44 pm | report

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