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    Created by Sokki

      July 21, 2010, 5:53 am
    For my fellow Likwidians, here is the walkthrough for Escape the Ship of Doom:

    1. Read the letter (optional)
    2. Click on the fins (diving shoes) to collect them. Click on the again, to wear them. Go Right 3 times. View with the bed and a picture attach above the bed.
    3. Click on the picture to take the Bottle Opener tool. Click on the left edge of the bed, and take the screwdriver that is placed below the yoga. Go Right. View with a box, stairs and a linking water hole.
    4. Use the screw driver to unscrew the bolts and open the box. Take the bottle with a cork on it. Remove it with your bottle opener. Use the Cork to close the water hole. You are able to close the hole only when you see it where is it. Go Right. View with the captain desk.
    5. Take the Sextan (on your right side of the table) and open the second drawer, and take the book. Read the book and notice (remember) the cardinal directions (north, east, south, west). Go Right Twice. First View where you get the fins and with a picture on the wall.
    6. Click on the picture to see the safe. Use the coordinates in the right order to unlock the safe and take the key in it. Go Right Twice. View with the vague and some steel bolls.
    7. Use steel bolls to get the correct amount of weight. LikwidGames tip: its more then 10, less then 20. Take the fishing rod and the swimming pants. Click on the swimming pants to wear them and click on the fishing rod to make it into a crank. Go Left 3 Times. View with the box that is tided on a rope.
    8. Use the crank on the end of the rope mechanism and drop the box down. Use the key that you took from the safe and open the box. Take the Torch. Go Up. View on the ceiling, horoscope sings and a numbers on each sign.
    9. Use the Sextant tool and notice the small images on it. Remember the corresponding numbers of each image showed on the Sextant. LikwidGames tip: The code is 6 digit number where the first number is 4 and the last one is 8. Go Left to exit the view of the ceiling.
    10. Activate the Torch by pressing the 6 digit number on it. Go Right 2 times. View with the old cannon and the badly repaired big hole. Use the Torch on the repaired hole and Escape through it.

    Congratulations you have Escaped the Ship of Doom!

    ...unfortunately you've been caught again by dr. Minstrel and his evil looking green monster.

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Jul 21, 2010 at 11:37 pm | report
      Ooh! Sokki called the mattress a yoga! I didn't know that was another name for it!


        on Jul 21, 2010 at 3:42 pm | report
      Why did you make a walkthough after posting on mine. That was approved. -.-

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