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    Created by sashko138

      July 23, 2010, 12:28 pm
    This is kinda long
    Main Missions
    Act 4 has Shorty going all the way to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement. And as Shorty attempts to find answers in Russia things will get a little intense and require the team’s collaboration...

    Vinnie never sleeps
    1. (After an animated sequence of Vinnie and Kiro in the Helicopter there will be a flashback of the team on the beaches of Cali.) Select your character to begin this mission.
    2. Wait for your target to stop walking and when he leans on the edge of the boat shoot him in the head.

    Smuggling Fight
    1. (After the animated sequence where Shorty reads her sister's letter you should be in front of the Chicago safe house)

    2. Go to the Airport.

    3. (You should be equipped with the tranquilizer gun) Tranquilize all the guards you meet on your way before they can alert security.

    4.Head all the way to the employee entrance and enter.

    Staff Meeting
    1.(It would be a good idea to buy some guns before continuing the next missions)

    2. Once your in Russia go to the bar using the Jeep.

    3. After Shorty speaks to Cherry eliminate all the enemies in the club.

    4. (You will obtain information for the next mission)

    Blinding Storm

    1. Go to the cottages north of the city.

    2. Kill all the enemies you encounter.

    3.Continue until you find the GPS.

    Leaving The Storm

    1. (Some reinforcement will arrive)

    2. Kill all the other enemies you encounter in the snow.

    3. Continue until you reach the snow mobile.

    Handle With Care
    1. Go see Nico and enter his hideout. (An animation will show the crew talking to Nico about his helicopter)

    2. Head to the northern Slum building.

    3. Find the missing helicopter part and kill any enemies you encounter.

    4. (Once you find the helicopter part an animation will load)

    Sky Support

    1. (You will be back in the helicopter like the first intro scene)

    2.Destroy the airplane once again by shooting the three red targets.

    3.(Kiro will jump out of the helicopter without a parachute)

    4.Press W, A, S, D during the two interactive sequences

    5.(Kiro will slash the two sky divers and head to the fortress)

    The Fortress

    1.Enter the fortress grounds and kill all the enemies.

    2.Make your way to the fortress door where you will join your teammates.

    Behind Walls

    1. (The team will regroup and discuss how to find Shorty's sister.)

    2.Explore the rooms of the fortress and kill all enemies in your way

    3.Find the open door where you will be confronted with the leader of the human trafficking gang.

    Not For Cowards

    1.(An interactive animation sequence will load where you have to fight the leader of the

    2.Press W, A, S, D to avoid getting hit and to punch him out.

    Secondary Missions

    Feed The Dog - Find the dog food and bring it to Alonzo in the basement of the Chicago safe house.

    Front Page – Help the journalist take a picture of the Human Trafficking gang leader.

    Lost Objects – Find all objects belonging to Shorty's sister Claire.


    1. Her shoe in the Slum Building.
    2. Her necklace in the Old School.
    3. Her cell phone in the cottages.
    4. Her jacket in one of the rooms of the fortress.

    Strong Old Friend – Find the vodka in the cottages for this old friend.

    Boogy Nights – Find the video tape in Nico's place and play it in the VHS player in the Old School.

    Traffic Sign – Find all the Russian gang signs.


    1. On the garbage can of the south slum building.
    2. On the front wall of the north slum building.
    3. On the front wall of the Russian Gun Shop.
    4. Outside of the Strip Club.
    5. On the inside wall of the Strip Club.
    6. On the ground in front of the Clothes Shop.
    Credits: Me. The Game. My brain(He helped me win this game)

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