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    Created by kikokute

      July 5, 2011, 12:31 pm
    Stage 01.

    1. Click top of cactus to knock it off

    2. Click rock to turn over

    3. Click snake

    4. Click cactus top to pick up

    5. Click on snake to attach

    6. Click on new hat to pickup

    7. Click on droppy’s head to place on.


    Stage 02.

    1. Click and hold on dumpster to move.

    2. Click on lamp light to turn on

    3. Click on Droppy just before the taxi drives by.

    4. Click on taxi when stopped for Droppy to enter.


    Stage 03.

    1. Click on brick to pull out

    2. Click on door window to break

    3. Click on door to open

    4. Click on bulb to turn on

    5. Click on antenna to pick-up

    6. Click on antenna holder to attach new antenna.


    Stage 04.

    1. Click on boat to push it in water

    2. Click on Droppy to jump into boat

    3. Click on worm to pickup

    4. Click hook to bait the worm

    5. Click on fish behind the weed

    6. Click on fish to make it go for a bite

    7. Click on Droppy to strike when fish has its mouth open


    Stage 05.

    1. Click on paper to pick up clue E, N, S (east, north, south)

    2. Click on knobs on the wall. Left one facing right, middle one facing up, right one facing down

    3. Click on statue to pick up when knobs are correctly aligned.


    Stage 06.

    1. Click on logs one at a time and then click fire place to put them down.

    2. Click on backpack to open

    3. Click on magnifying glass to pull out

    4. Click on cloud to move

    5. Click on Droppy to make marshmallow.


    Stage 07.

    1. Click on bees nest to knock down

    2. Click on bees nest to pick up

    3. Click on Droppy to put bees nest on his head

    4. Click on horns one at a time and place them onto the bees nest hat.

    5. Click on grass to pick up.

    6. Click on Droppy to attach grass skirt.

    7. Click on stick on tree to pickup.

    8. Click on Droppy to give it to him.

    9. Click on African dude to make him dance!


    Stage 08.

    1. Click and hold on door to open.

    2. Click on helmet then on Droppy

    3. Click on backpack parachute the Droppy

    4. Click on Goggles then Droppy.

    5. Click on all screws to undo

    6. Click on all wires to break

    7. Finally Droppy will jump if you click on him.


    Stage 10.

    1. Click on wine to move flower.

    2. As the flower moves over the aliens eye click the flower to squirt the alien in the eye.

    3. Repeat clicking on wine, then flower above each eye until all eyes are closed.

    4. Click on Droppy to enter the spaceship.



    1. Click on gunpowder

    2. Click on ram rod

    3. Click on cannon ball

    4. Click on cannon to load.

    5. Click on torch

    6. Click on top of cannon to light.

    ( Click on cannon to adjust shooting angle before you pick the torch)

    This whole stage is completed only by firing the cannon at different things on the screen above.

    First knock over the cart. Then knock off the knight. Then shoot the bell. Then shoot the monk that is standing outside tidying up. The cannon ball will bounce off his head and will break the lock. Watch the end sequence and submit your score!

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