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    Created by Vinninsv

      July 25, 2011, 3:29 pm
    Hello I'm Vinninsv and this is my walkthrough for Sift Heads 4!! I'm sure everybody knows how this game works so cutting the introductions i'll start at Vancouver,Canada.

    Vancouver,Canada - Windshield Mounts: Wait for the walking guy to put his hand on the plaque and shoot the plaque, next shoot the the stone above him.

    Montreal,Canada - Early Morning: When a car come to pick up the briefcase try to shoot the guy's hand.

    Montreal,Canada - Suicidal Bridge: aim at the crack that is in the middle of the bridge and when the motorcycle passes by shoot at the crack.

    Tokyo,Japan - Bloody Bath: Break the glass of the room that have a pool with no one inside it and when the guy goes up shoot him.

    Tokyo,Japan - Shadows of Traditions: There will be three guys walking with swords,put your mouse away from their heads at the right and at the second it touch the heads shoot, if it don't work try again but a little bit down than it were before.

    Tokyo,Japan - Asian Meals: Shoot at the hand of the guy at the right side of the table that have a red bottle when he's going to eat.

    Moscow,Russia - Midnight Rider: When the car is near the house, shoot the eletric box and when the guy get off of the car shoot him

    Moscow,Russia - Calling The Office: Shoot at the car tire and when a guy appears at the window shoot him.

    Moscow,Russia - Closed Passage: The target is in the truck, a train will pass by and you shoot the target when there is a empty wagon.

    Venise,Italia - A Running Info: Shoot the guy that is running.

    Venise,Italia - Elevator Ride: When the elevator goes up shoot the button.

    Nice,France - Sunny Day: Shoot the guy with a hat.

    Nice,France - The ''Rendez-Vouz'': First break the right window and shoot when the two people kiss each other.

    Nice,France - The Gentleman: Keep your mouse over the smallest flash of light and when you see a guy walking over it shoot him.

    Cairo,Egypt - A Good Offer: Shoot the guys that are over camels.

    Cairo,Egypt - Broken Bottles: Shoot the guys with a turban and the guy behind some bottles, but first the turban guys.

    Rio de Janeiro,Brazil - Exotic Car: Try to shoot the guy in side the car.

    Rio de Janeiro,Brazil - Five Star Resort: Shoot at the two guys cups and when they go away shoot the other one.

    Rio de Janeiro,Brazil - Floating Corpse: When the second boat comes shoot at the guy that come out of it.

    Rio de Janeiro,Brazil - Drowning in Ipanema: Shoot at the most calm swimmer at the water.

    I recommend using the M16 for all the missions, i beat the game buying only the Beretta, Desert Eagle and the M16
    Credits: Vinninsv

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Jul 29, 2011 at 12:42 pm | report
      Thanks i spent the whole day working in it.

      Oh and i won't be able to make a walkthrough for Sift Heads 3 because it's only action and no one can make a walkthrough for action or adventure games cuz it would be pretty bad !!! :(


        on Jul 29, 2011 at 6:02 am | report
      Hey is this the new walkthrough?

      he looks awesome! good work dude

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