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    Created by sashko138

      July 25, 2010, 12:38 pm

    You are once again thrown into the world of sneaky sniper. You are tasked with killing a Japanese crime boss, but to do so you must first kill all of his subordinates.


    The mouse is your only control in this point and click adventure game. Use it to shoot your way to the end.

    Mission 1: Your are tasked with killing the head coach of a local soccer team who happens to be tied up with the mob. He's standing in the middle of the screen and holding a clip board. Do what you do best.

    Mission 2: You are now told to kill the gang leader of a small smash and grab ring. Your only Intel is that he has samurai swords in both of his hands. He is walking in the middle of the pack. The only one holding two samurai swords. Take him out.

    Mission 3: Your next target is a local delivery guy. Intel on him says that he's not a very safe person and enjoys living on the edge. The delivery drivers will pass by the bottom of your screen on motorcycles. Your target is the only one that isn't wearing a helmet. You know what to do.

    Mission 4: Your next target is relaxing on his sail boat. You must make his death look like an accident. Shoot each of the strings holding the boat's sails, four in total. The flailing sails will do the rest.

    Mission 5: Multiple members of your targeted crime group are going to have a meeting to discuss the recent assassinations. Eliminate them all. Notice the string of lights hanging above the pool. Shoot the far right side of the string to make the lights fall in the water. On the side of the house is a switch that you need to shoot in order to turn the lights on. Do what you have to do.

    Mission 6: Unfortunately the leader was not among the people you assassinated last mission. However, you now have the whereabouts of another higher up member of this ruthless gang. He is at a ski lodge and the only shot you have is when he is skiing down the mountain. He happens to be the only stick man in the whole lodge who owns a red scarf so this on shouldn't be that tough. Just patiently wait on him to come skiing down the mountain wearing a red scarf and take him out.

    Mission 7: You are now sent on an urgent mission in which one of your informants has been caught and is going to be thrown into the river. You must save his life. This mission is a tricky one because you're informant also cannot swim. When you start the mission there will be a boat carrying a load of garbage in the river. You must quickly shoot the chain from the boat to the garbage. You must then shoot the guy holding up your informant before he kills him. If all goes well, the informant will land safely in the floating garbage bin.

    Mission 8: Your are now tasked with taking out the guards outside of the gang's hideout. You must eliminate each guard without notifying the others. There are three guards. One in the back left, one on the right beside a bell, and one in the front. Shoot the bell to make the guard on the right walk over and check it out. While he's looking down the well, you can shoot the back guard as far to the left as possible. If you do it right, the guard you shot will be lying in the bushes and the guard looking down the well will walk back to his normal spot.

    Now you only have the guard in the front and the guard by the well. When the guard in the front is walking left(with his back to the well guard), shoot the guard by the well and then quickly shoot the guard in front. Mission Successful.

    Mission 9: In this mission you must eliminate all of the enemy snipers before that shoot you. There are six in total but it's hard to explain where they are. Spend a couple of lives searching the landscape and figuring out where they all are before trying to pass it. I found it easiest to start with the left most sniper and work to the right.

    Mission 10: You've made it to his hideout. Kill all of the guards in the temple first, starting with the top floor, and then kill the two guards standing outside. You must work quickly or you will be killed. After eliminating all of the guardy your target will flee on a motorcycle. You must take him out before he gets away. Shoot him or the bike to put a quick stop to his escape plans and finish him off.


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