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    Created by sashko138

      July 25, 2010, 12:41 pm
    You are on the top of a four story building. You wait patiently and silently. Your mission is on your mind. You must stay focused. You have been given the order to shoot to kill. The time is now, take out your target!

    This is what it is all about. The thrill of stalking your target, waiting for just the right moment, and pulling the trigger. Sounds ruthless eh? Many heroes of our military and police department do this day in and day out. Snipers are trained extensively in the art of silent and precise warfare. Many snipers wait for hours and even days sometimes, just for the perfect moment in time to take the kill. One shot, one kill, is the sniper motto.

    So if you don't have the time or skills to become a professional sniper, don't fret. Many flash sniper games have been released on the Internet to cure your craving. Flash based sniper games online are generally short games that you can play casually at work on your break or at school when you should be doing your labs!

    The latest of sniper game released on the Internet is called Sneaky Sniper. The game is basically what the game's name entails. You must exercise patience, timing, and logic to complete your mission.

    In mission one, you must save the hostage who is guarded by five bad guys. First take out the stickman thug guarding the hostage on the far right of the building. Then you can assassinate each of the other four guards.

    In mission two, you must assassinate a Chinese mafia boss. You must exercise precise aim as he is heavily guarded. Your target is the tall stickman in the middle.

    In mission three, you must assassinate a suspect who may have witnessed you taking out that Chinese mob boss. He is the guy on the third floor to the left, easily spotted since he is smoking. Take him out. Bam!

    In mission four, you must kill the guards outside the warehouse so the police can make their move. First take out the light above the guard on the far right. Then wait for the right roof top guard to turn his back so you can take out the left roof top guard. Then take out the right roof top guard. Finally, take out the two guards at the windows. Easier said then done.

    In mission five, you have been called in to assist in a drug bust that went bad. Dealers are hiding in the nearby slum and you must take them out. You must fire quick as these guys are shooting back at you!

    In mission six, your target is on vacation. Perfect time to make it look like an accident. Shoot the ice he is sitting on! Easy money!

    In mission seven, a victim has been kidnapped and is being held at the stake buy some crazy cult! Take them out and save her! They come fast so you must be quick!

    In mission eight, you have 60 seconds to take out terrorists holding hostages inside a downtown hotel. They are spread out over all floors of the building, but keep your eye out and they are easy targets.

    In mission nine, you have been called in for riot patrol. The college has announced a significant increase in tuition will go into affect next semester. The students have started to riot. You are armed with stun darts and your mission is to shoot all the protesters! There are quite a few of them, but you have unlimited time. Aim for their heads!

    In mission ten, the cult members are back at it again, this time because of a full red moon. Again, shoot quickly and keep your eye open!

    You have proven yourself worthy of wearing our uniform. Your marksmanship and courage is beyond our expectations. Get yourself some rest for now. We will contact you again in a few weeks with more missions.

    Enjoy this classic stickman sniper game!


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