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    Created by Ennokk

      August 31, 2011, 3:00 pm
    1.Sprint straight across the bottom and wait to make your move behind the bottom right square,or sprint up past the first square and to the right to do a quick assassination.

    2.Walk normal up till the door way than sprint right to the middle and hide.

    3.Sprint up and top that alleyway in the middle,wait a little till the guards disperse,than sprint over to the boss,be sure that the guard goes on his route up past the boss before the assassination,than hide in the small corner behind the wall.

    4.Sprint straight down and to the right,stop sprint and hide behind the big box and wait for the guards to go on their paths,sprint to the room with the boss in it,than sprint back out as soon as you kill him and wait by where you started.

    5.Sprint straight to the right pathway to the boss you will have to be seen,kill boss and hide in that corner.

    6.Sprint inside the first tiny cubicle and wait for the guards to take their paths,sneak to the boss and hide by the box you kill him by.

    7.Sprint up and to the left,as soon as the boss starts going up,meet him in the left side lane,kill him and hide where you can near a box.

    8.Wait and go to the side with the guard that turns his back first,sneak your way behind the blocks and boxes,get the boss and hide in one of the cubicles till your way out is there.

    9.Go out the right side and down,hide behind the block and wait for the guards to turn to give you and opening,sprint across the bottom and or upper mid part than up the right side to the boss,even if you are sited keep going for the assassination and sprint away to hide.

    10.Sprint straight in,hide behind the first box ahead,wait for the guards to disperse,sprint towards the boss.

    11.Sprint out the right and up as quick as you can,move left and hide/move around that center block and boxes.

    12.Go down and to the left,wait for the guards to move,than keep going left and kill the boss,hide inside the center.

    13.Sprint right,up,and right,hide behind the box and walk around it to avoid guards,hide behind the close corner wall and boxes,go up and right and up again to assassinate when clear.

    14.Go down and left hide in the tiny corner of the 3 center boxes,wait for an opening and sprint to the assassination.

    15.Sprint to the right and down,hide behind the boxes near the wall,wait for the guards,unless open to kill,follow behind the guard walking to the boss,hide as he turns around,sprint and kill.

    16.Sprint down and into the left building wait for the guard that is patrolling up,hide and walk down the way he came from,go for the kill,hide in the building you came from.

    17.Wait a few seconds than sprint up the middle and to the right,assassinate as soon as you get up there,sprint away after assassination and hide.

    18.Sprint up as fast as you can and go left,the guard up the small alleyway might turn right,if so go up and straight to assassinate,if he keeps coming down keep running but go down into the building and hide.
    Credits: Hope this helps u guys thumbs up appreciated

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