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    Created by Ennokk

      September 2, 2011, 10:56 am
    -Click on egg a couple of times until it falls.

    -Align the first turntable pad to slightly angled down towards the second pad and align the second pad to try to aim at the monster.Click on the balls to load the cannon.Turn the wheel until the cannon is in mid position.Fire by clicking the lever,the ball should bounce off the two pads and knock the monster on the head,click Dralien to exit the screen.

    -Click on the small metal bar on the right of the screen to turn it upwards.Click on the large metal bar to turn it to a horizontal position.Click the flower to squirt the juice onto the bar and the bee should fly to get the juice,while the bee is eating the juice quickly click Dralien to jump onto the bees back.Pick up all the highlighted gears, including the one from the bee.Click and hold the wheel button until the crane pulls Dralien right to the top,click Dralien to exit the screen.

    -Click on the ships door to enter,inside the ship,click the power locker door to open.Turn all the circular knobs upwards,this will turn the ship on and show u a code on the wall that u will need to use.Click on machine,insert the code.
    Click on the throttle lever on the left hand side of the screen. Click the chain clip to pull it out,Click on the throttle lever again.

    -Hold out for the time given by shooting the Metal Eaters before they destroy your ship.

    -Click on the little plug that moves up and down until you get it even with the other.Click on the lever until the other plug gets inserted and turns on the crane.Click on the crane to get the control panel up,click the right button to get the crane into position.Click the down button to lift the block,click Dralien a couple of times until he walks in between the blocks.Click the down button on the control panel again to lower the block.Click the left button to move the crane into position.Click the down button to lift the block on the left side,click Dralien to pass underneath the lifted block.

    -Click the wall beside the ‘Enter at own risk’ sign to find out which doors to follow.In each of the rooms there’s is one door which is facing the same way as the entrance door while the others are flipped. Make sure you walk through quickly before Dralien gets poisoned by the gases,click on hellicopter to enter.

    -Maneuver your hellicopter in between the obstacles and get through safely or pass the level and lose 20,000 points. : (

    -Click on the gate unlocking machine,use the colors on the gate and insert them as. RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN,and then click the enter button.Click the gun to use it,shoot the rocks above the robot until they collapse on the robot to destroy it.

    -This one is basically trial and error as you find out by pulling the levers and the lights under the cage turn on or off.From the left,click the 3rd lever first, then 1st lever, then 4th lever and finally the 2nd lever.
    Credits: hope this has helped you

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