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    Created by jvitor

      September 5, 2011, 7:23 pm
    Scene 1:
    1-click on the lights
    2-click on the three gates

    Scene 2:
    1-click in some loose
    2-take the broom
    3-sweep leaves

    Scene 3:
    1-click the port
    2-click all the apples
    3-pick apples and put in the basket
    4-click the door again
    5-click the window

    Scene 4:
    1-click on the pumpkin, bag, hat, stick and rake
    2-put the rod in the hole to the left
    3-put the bag on the stick
    4-place the pumpkin on the stick
    5-put the hat
    6-place rake

    Scene 5:
    1-Take the batteries (they are: on top of the cabinet, below the can on top of the closet in the box on the shelf in the closet in the two doors, large door on the left.)
    2-Take the knife on the cabinet door on the left
    3-take the key on the closet door on the right
    4-Use the key on the door wide to the right
    5-click the box inside the large door on the left
    6-use the knife to open the box
    7-click on the robot
    8-put the batteries in the robot 6

    Scene 6:
    1-click over the television
    2-click games
    3-click on the game monkeys monster
    4-click play
    5-the game's goal is to destroy the cars, buildings and airplanes using the monkeys to make 1000 points

    Scene 7:
    1-click on the fence of the garden hedge
    2-click the trash can
    3-get a hanger that is inside the trash can
    4-use the hanger to open the trunk
    5-take the brush in the trunk
    6-place the brush on the paint can
    7-place the brush on the road
    8-then put the brush into the paint can and then put on the road
    9-and do the same thing all over again

    Scene 8:
    1-click in the making
    2-click on the carpet where it says office
    3-take the key and use it to open the door
    4-click the bag and grab the key
    5-click the red lever on the switchboard
    6-click on the bucket and then click the box that appears
    7-use a key box
    8-click on the box and then use the dime in the 6000 racer
    9-click on the red machine
    10-now is just to divert the cars to finish first

    Scene 9:
    1-click on the rocks
    2-click on the ground on the right side of the screen and grab the stone
    3-click the lever to pull the catapult
    4-wheel click to download the catapult, place the stone and click the lever to shoot the catapult
    5-do the same thing 2 times

    Scene 10:
    1-click the gun on top of the screen
    2-shoot the enemies to destroy them
    3-you can choose other weapons after a while

    Scene 11:
    1-click paperweight
    2-hour use (1347) to open the door
    3-click on the fan
    4-click the lever and then click the fan outlet
    5-click the red button on top of the fan

    Scene 12:
    1-click on the stone
    2-take the axe
    3-axe use the lock
    4-wheel grab
    5-set the wheel in the cart
    6-Use the axe in the tree, do it 3 times
    7-grab the trunk and place in cart
    8-click on the cart

    Scene 13:
    1-click in the cloud
    2-click on the rocks
    3-collection all over the place and hieroglyph correctly assembling the puzzle
    4-get the shovel
    5-click the button below the statue of the monkey
    6-take staff
    7-basement with a shovel where the beam is and take the statue into the hole

    Scene 14:
    1-Take a snow-shove
    2-Use the shove snow where snow is accumulated
    3-take and open the red box and get the wrenches
    4-use the wrenches according to the size to connect one side to the other

    Scene 15:
    1-click the paper on the shelf
    2-click the wire at the bottom of the screen
    3-open the box to the right
    4-use the wire in the closet and get the key
    5-use key on door
    6-now just follow the recipe that is on paper
    7-after putting all the ingredients click on the spoon

    Final stage:
    1-Click Highlighted the books on the book shelf to knock down
    Pickup yellow and red keys from inside the fallen books. On each level of the book shelf Also there are books to move to uncover more candy
    2-Use yellow key on the left door, the red key on the right door
    3-Pickup crowbar and battering ram the doors from inside
    4-Pull screw painting above to knock it down
    5-Use the crowbar on the second floor and tiles on the uncovered area behind the painting to reveal more candy
    6-Use the battering ram on the door below the stairs to uncover the gas bottle. Pickup gas bottle
    7-Use the battering ram on the wall the crack on the right side of the screen three times to uncover more candy
    8-Pickup candle and use it on the fireplace.
    9Place gas bottle onto the fire, this will explode uncovering more candy
    10-Move vase to break and uncover more candy
    11 Pull-jaw of bear head on the wall to get more candy
    12 Pull-Out to get eye bears a piece of candy
    13-Open window and move bushes to get candy
    14-uncovered using the symbols on the walls, the floor, the grass, behind the doors etc.. Complete the puzzle to get the below illustrated the candy
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos enigmas

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