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    Created by safitriph

      September 8, 2011, 4:00 am
    Scene 1.
    1. Click lights to turn on
    2. Click both crossing gates to lower

    Scene 2.
    1. Click loose fence post on right side of the screen
    2. Pickup leaf rake
    3. Rake the pile of leafs 3 times.

    Scene 3

    1. Click door knocker to get basket
    2. Click all five apples on the tree
    3. Pickup all five apples from the ground
    4. Put all five apples into the basket
    5. Click door knocker again
    6. Open window


    Scene 4.

    1. Pickup sack
    2. Pickup pumpkin
    3. Pickup stick
    4. Pickup rake
    5. Pickup straw hat
    6. Place stick into the ground on the left side of the screen
    7. Place the sack on the stick
    8. Place the pumpkin onto the stick

    9. Place the the hat onto the pumpkin

    10. Place the rake next to the sack

    Scene 5.

    1. Pickup battery on top of cabinet on the right.
    2. Move left sliding door on cabinet to uncover a battery and craft knife. Pickup battery and craft knife.
    3. Move left sliding door back into original position and then move right sliding door to uncover a battery and a key. Pickup battery and key.
    4. Use key on the door on the left.
    5. Pickup battery inside closet on top shelf.
    6. Pull out box from closet.
    7. Use knife on box.
    8. Pull out toy robot
    9. Move box on top right shelf to uncover a battery. Pickup battery.
    10. Move can on top of cabinet to uncover a battery. Pickup battery.
    11. Open the battery pack on the toy robots chest.
    12. Place all six batteries inside the robot.


    Scene 6.

    1. Click the power button on the top of the device.
    2. Click the GAMES folder.
    3. Click the Monster Monkeys game. Press to play.
    4. Your goal is to get 1000 points. Do so by

    a. Clicking the monster monkeys that climb the buildings to break the windows.

    b. Clicking the monster monkey that stomps when a truck passes so it crushes it.

    c. Clicking the monster monkey that stands at the top of the building so that it knocks down an airplane.


    Scene 7.

    1. Push the bin over
    2. Pickup the coat hanger from inside the bin
    3. Use coat hanger on the boot of the blue car
    4. Pickup brush
    5. Use brush on paint
    6. Paint 3 lines onto the road (A crossing)
    7. Open gate on the other side of the road.


    Scene 8.

    1. Move rug under door to uncover key. Pickup key.
    2. Use key on office door.
    3. Unzip bag to get coinbox key
    4. Move trash can
    5. Pull out coinbox and use key to unlock it.
    6. Turn on power by pulling the red lever on the power box
    7. Place power plug into socket
    8. Open coinbox and get coin
    9. Place coin into game machine cooin slot.
    10. Press red button on game machine to play the game

    11. Move out of the way of the cars by pressing the red button on the machine. If you crash, get another coin and put in into the game machine coin slot. Play until you’re at 1st position.


    Scene 9.

    1. Pickup up the 2 rocks from the ground

    2. Spread the bush on the lower right side of the screen to uncover the third rock. Pickup rock.

    3. Pull on the handle on the right side of the screen to get catapult into position.

    4. Place a rock onto the end of the catapults arm. Wind the catapult arm down by turning the wheel. Fire the catapult by pulling the lever on the left hand side of the catapult.
    5. Continue these step 4 two more times to destroy castle.


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