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    Created by Bangruman

      November 2, 2011, 10:06 am
    The Toilet
    1. Switch on the “Power Lever” to on the monitor
    2. Click right button to switch screen to “Dark Ages – Frankenstein”
    Dark Ages
    1. Open the cupboard and obtain “Heart”
    2. Put inside Frankenstein’s body.
    3. Obtain “Brain” and put inside Frankenstein’s head.
    4. Obtain “Piece of Meat” and save it in inventory.
    5. Obtain “Potion” and mix it with “Piece of Meat”.
    6. Obtain “Matches”
    7. Obtain “Metal Rod” and put inside the empty pipe to connect power supply to machine.
    8. Activate the machine to give life to Frankenstein.
    9. Frankenstein will help move the heavy stone slab. This reveals Ring Time Machine Piece.
    10. Obtain Ring Time Machine Piece.
    11. Return to Toilet
    The Toilet
    1. Visit the Medieval Age [Village/Iron Age]
    Medieval Age
    1. Obtain Shovel and dig the dung, and save it in your inventory : “Shoveful of dung”
    2. Obtain bucket at well.
    3. Place the bucket in the well to collect water. Then save it in your inventory.
    4. Return to Toilet.
    The Toilet
    1. Visit the Prehistoric [Dinosaur Age]
    Prehistoric Age
    1. Obtain the seed, and plant it in the soil.
    2. Place the shoveful of dung on top of the planted seed.
    3. Water the seed using the bucket of water collected from Medieval Well.
    4. Give Piece of Meat soaked in Potion to the Dinosaur to put him to sleep.
    5. Obtain Time Machine Piece.
    6. Click Dinosaur egg to reveal Dinosaur Tooth. Obtain Dinosaur Tooth.
    7. Return to Toilet
    The Toilet
    1. Visit the Medieval Age
    Medieval Age
    1. Use Shovel to dig the Exotic Plant.
    2. Give it to the Herb Seller, in exchange for the Spinach.
    3. Eat the Spinach [Give to panda] and he becomes like Popeye the Sailorman.
    4. Obtain the sword from the stone.
    5. Obtain Time Machine Piece from Merlin.
    6. Give Dinosaur Tooth to the Artifact Seller in exchange for Pink Gem.
    7. Return to Toilet.
    The Toilet
    1. Visit the Egyptian Room [Mummies/Pyramid Room]
    1. Use the Metal Rod to move the slab on the ground to reveal a broken stone piece.
    2. Obtain broken stone piece from the hole and save into inventory.
    3. Obtain the second broken stone piece located on the far left corner.
    4. Combine it with the first broken piece.
    5. This will reveal the pattern on how you should lit the torch using the matches.
    6. Use the matches from the inventory and lit according to the sequence.
    7. This will open the stone slab that mummies resides in.
    8. Place pink gem into mummies body.
    9. This will reveal the forth Time Machine Piece. Save it inventory.
    10. Return to Toilet.
    The Toilet
    1. Place all 4 Time Machine Piece into the Machine.
    2. This will automatically update your screen with an island picture.
    3. Visit the Pirate/Island
    1. The pirate captain catches you, tied you up and bring you to his ship.
    2. Use sword from the inventory to cut the rope.
    3. Use sword on the pirate captain. He will run away to the top.
    4. Collect all the following items: Ramrod, Cannon ball, Scales, Hammer, Sticker, Weight
    5. Use hammer and break the barrels. This reveals gun powder.
    6. Collect gun powder and save it into your inventory.
    7. Combine sticker with weight to produce 15gram weight.
    8. Combine 15gram weight with scales.
    9. Combine the 15g scales with the gun powder.
    10. Place the 15g gun powder into the cannon.
    11. Insert the cannon ball.
    12. Use ramrod to fix the cannon.
    13. Use the match to lit up the cannon.

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