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    Created by turtlemonstr

      November 30, 2011, 7:02 pm
    Level 1 � The Zoo:
    If you needed help on this level then you�re really going to struggle on the rest! Just shoot the bars to Panda�s cage.

    Level 2 � Target Shoot:
    There are 5 targets in total. Just make sure you shoot them all (including the one with Panda tied to it).

    Level 3 � The Haunted Church:
    You need to get the ghost to move towards Panda and then shine the light on it to kill it. To do that, first shoot one of the gravestones and then shoot the church window.

    Level 4 � The Break-in:
    First you need to distract the security guard so shoot the window in the door next to him. Then you can take out the security camera. That�s not all though because Panda can�t sneak in while that streetlamp is lighting up the whole place � shoot it out.

    Level 5 � In the House:
    This is a little trickier because if you shoot too many times then everyone will wake up in the house so you have to be careful. Shoot the fridge to edge the biscuits along until they fall off to where Panda can reach them.

    Level 6 � The Cellar:
    It�s all about that little control box at the bottom. Shoot the green button to switch it on then shoot the down arrow to make Panda start moving towards the floor. Once Panda is on the ground you can shoot the rope to free him, but to ensure he gets away safely you�d better shoot the light out first.

    Level 7 � The Lion�s Den:
    You need to distract the lion monitoring the video surveillance cameras before you can do anything. He is working in the middle room on the top floor so if you were to shoot the bars at that window then he would show his face. Alternatively you can shoot both the streetlamps. Once he is distracted, take out the video cameras to distract the two guards on top of the building. Then you can happily take them out to win the level.

    Level 8 � The Vault:
    If you look to the bottom left of the screen you will see that there is a screen with constantly changing numbers. This is the code to the vault. To stop it on one number, just shoot the glass of water on top of the code generator to fry the electrics. Then you can use the keypad to input the code to the safe.

    Level 9 � Bottles:
    This one shouldn�t really give you too many problems. If you�re finding it hard then you�re not looking carefully enough. There are 8 bottles for you to find and shoot in less than 20 seconds. I�m not telling you where they all are.

    Level 10 � The Docks:
    You need to distract Lion for long enough so that Panda can get away. If you shoot the alarm on the boat (the little red dot) then you will catch his attention but to make sure he stays looking away you should also sink his boat. To do that, just shoot it below the water line.

    Level 11 � The Power Grid:
    Slightly tricky this one. You need to disable a security device that Lion has put in place before you can do anything. To do that, shoot all four of those blinking lights but make sure that they are green when you do so. Once all the lights are on green, the security measure will be knocked out and you can then proceed to cutting those three black wires in the bottom left corner to take down the power grid.

    Level 12 � The Haunted Mansion:
    Well well well, you�ve made it to the final level and now you�ve got stuck? Shame on you for cheating when you�re so close to the end. This level is pretty tough but I�m sure if you thought about it for long enough you could manage it. What you need to do is get the ghost to pick up the biscuits. He reacts to sounds and so will move to wherever he hears a noise. To get him to collect the biscuits, shoot the top left window and wait for him to arrive. Then you will need to get him to take the biscuits to Panda. To do this, make him carry the biscuits to the right hand side of the house (by shooting one of the windows there). Almost done, you just have to get him to drop them out of the window now so that they land in the bush below. If you shoot the doorbell then he will do just that.

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