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    Created by turtlemonstr

      December 13, 2011, 9:42 am
    Panda's Bigger Adventures

    Island: Pick up the bone and use it on the port-a-potty time machine.

    Inside: Click the screen to go to the Elvis's Prison.

    Elvis's Prison: Use the can of oil to oil the screws. Then use the screwdriver to unscrew the board. Give the green thing behind the board to elvis and he will repair it. Then go back to the Inside.

    Inside: replace the green thing on the left under where the parrot is. Go the the War zone.

    War zone: Get the bullets. Go to inside, then the Wild west town.

    Wild west town. Get the gun and combine it with the bullets. Get the coin and give it to the stall owner. Click the stall and shoot all the yellow ducks. Then click the hat and put it on. Go to the inside, then the warehouse.

    Warehouse: You are captured and put in another room. Use the screw driver on panda and then pull the lever. Go outside to the warehouse and then to the inside. From there, go to the war zone.

    War zone: get the cat and go back to the warehouse.

    Warehouse: Put the cat in the white paint and go to the other room. The man will give you the recipe and then go back out. Get the black key and use it on the cabinet. Use the spanner on the handle and then put the bottle there. Rearrange the pipes so all of them lead to a tap. Click the water tap once, then the engine grease twice, and then the fermented barrel once. Go to the Wild west.

    Wild west: Give the moonshine to the Man with the hat and then challenge him to a duel. He is drunk so when you he says go, you win. Get the cigar and then go to the war zone.

    War zone: Trade the cigar for the bread and then go to the painter's room.

    Painter's room: Draw the blinds and then match the clock to it. It opens the bathroom door go inside and get the razor. Go back to the War zone.

    War zone: Use the razor on the person with the beard. Use the numbers on the guy's chin to crack the code to the padlock. You get a thing that looks like a calculator. Go to the Painter's room.

    Painter's room: Use the paper to open the box. The capital letters are the coordinates. NorthNorthEast, SouthWest, NorthWest. Combine the hook with the piece of string. Combine the string with the bread. Use that to catch the fish. Go to the Elvis's prison.

    Elvis's prison: Put the calculator like thing in the hole on the board. One the panel it shows the order it should be in. Use the strange markings on the board and the code-cod will show you what the code is. Then you go to the inside.

    Inside: Pull the lever he goes away.

    THE END...

    Panda's Place: Try to hit the red button to the juicer 3 times. The pirate will shoot the door off. Then you get the door and use it for cover. Then hit the buttons to make all of the squares green. You won't get it the first time.

    THE END... Really

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