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    Created by jvitor

      December 15, 2011, 1:08 pm
    1-click on the meteor
    2-click the wire electric light
    3-click the top of the lawn mower and then click again at the top of the lawn mower
    4-click the red box, click the hammer and then click the lock wood trash can
    5-click over the trash can and click the trash can again
    6-click the trash that is right out the trash and then click the top of the lawn mower
    7-click the timber and click the Stone Circle
    8-click the newspaper and click the Stone Circle
    9-click in the pocket of clothing and click the newspaper
    10-click on the can will what is left of the stone circle and click the Stone Circle
    11-click on the can that the skunk was eating and click on the spider web
    12-click on the spider web and then click the skunk,click the skunk again
    13-click the window that is broken
    14-click the scorpion that is down
    15-click the first closet door that is down
    16-click the sausage
    17-click the window where you entered
    18-click on the dog and then click in the cocoon
    19-click the window and click the first door that is on top
    20-click on the plates to the sink only when the man is drinking
    21-click on the cigarette that is beside the man
    22-click on the lighter and click the red tube
    23-click on man and then click on the man again
    24-click the port that is there at the end
    25-click the window and click the red box
    26-click the red box
    27-click the broken window
    28-has various ways to kill the woman:

    Decapitation: spray, bite
    Evisceration: spray, claw, bite
    Suffocation: spray, web
    Envenomation: spray, sting
    Ventrical penetration, spray, claw, sting
    MUTATION: web, spray, sting, claw, bite
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos enigmas

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