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    Created by Karr0t

      February 19, 2012, 4:43 am
    stage 1 - click the black grass in the center then click on the stick. next use the stick on the banana.
    stage 2 - click on the doll. until the last is a monkey doll
    stage 3 - pick the axe and 3 logs. one of the log is hidden in grass on the right. then put one log on the stump. next drag the axe and click on the log. until there's 6 pieces of small log. put it all in the basket on the right.
    stage 4 - click on all the rocks and there'll be an icepick on the right side. use the icepick to pick out the tiny cracked wall on the left until you see the hedge clippers to cut all the leaves. use the icepick again to get the key from the left brick. use the key on the door.
    stage 5 - click the tool behind the statue then use it on the box. click on the paper and the brush. next do a little colouring.
    stage 6 - move the rock on the bottom left until you see a remote. click on the blue one on top of the red. upper red for up or down. lower red for hitting the building.
    stage 7 - click on all 8 blue cup to get a key for the locker. then get the fly splatter and hit the fly. it just go 2 places.
    stage 8 - click on the bottom drawer for a knob and use it on the first drawer for a key. click on the hammer then on the pig. next put the coin back to the missing slot.
    stage 9 - match the sign and numbers on the door. its II , IV , III , II , I , IV.
    stage 10 - shoot the bad guy until you get the sharp shooter sign.
    stage 11 - put the batteries on the box at the bottom right. 7 are not hidden, 5 is hidden at the houses. 1 in first 3 houses, 2 in the most right house.
    stage 12 - hard to state the buttons. so I put it in screenshot form.
    stage 13 - click on the pile of snow on the left. get the rock and click on the window. next get the saw and click on the upper tree root.
    stage 14 - click on the book at the center most left book for a key. on the box containing a blob disk. turn on the tv then put the disk in. click the blue button and play the game.
    stage 15 - open the fridge to get a cheese then put the near the mouse hole. click the hairpin, next put the hairpin in the locked fuse box. click on the red thread to get the missing fuse. open the door in the center. click on the popcorn machine plug. then put popcorn in the machine. next open the machine's cover.
    final stage - pick all bells. the round button on top of the fireplace for a coin. under the mat is the key(for the door). inside the door is a ornament(for the place on top of the fireplace) and another door is a tool(to crack the floor which had a sledge hammer). click the ornament for a hidden passage. coin for the 2 picture on the right and the screw on the hidden passage. click on the light and next use the hammer on the cracked ceiling. click the pot of the christmas tree for some hidden bells.

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