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    Created by Sokki

      May 7, 2010, 6:12 am
    Especially for LikwidGames here is it:

    There are two possible endings in this game. You can choose what ending you want, at the near end of the game.

    Tips and Tricks:
    There are few eye balls hidden in the witch house and when you find them they will give you valuable clue for completing the game. Since I am writing a walkthrough these eyes aren't necessary for completing this game. But I will mention them anyway.

    The Walkthrough starts now.

    -Click on the three carrot (between the cage and the orange pumpkin) starting from down to up. An Eye will appear. Click on it.

    1. Click on the striped monster (left corner) that will pinch the bird to turn to its right side. Click on the bird after to bite the striped monster and wait for 3 cut tentacles show.
    2. Be fast and click on each of those 3 tentacles, to drop 3 fresh blood drops above the orange pumpkin. After the pumpkin comes to life, click on it and it will throw sticky bowl above the nearby fly.
    3. Click the fly and wait until it gets stuck on the key. Click on the spider above to eat the fly and drop the key near the cat.
    4. Mouse click on the receipt book that is in front of the Witch, and when the Flaming Mouse icon appear, click on one red chill pepper that is on the top shell. The tentacle will take one chill pepper for the Witch and will push one piece of cheese that will be eaten by the bird.
    5. Repeat the same thing again, but now you can take the cheese by clicking on the locked boy.

    -Click on the hidden Purple pepper (near the plant) and an Eye will appear. Click on it.

    6. Click on the Yellow big pepper and it will jump in-back of the plant and will move the candle scull, showing a corn.
    7. Mouse click on the receipt book that is in front of the Witch, and when the 2 Feathers icon appear, click on the corn. The Witch will offer the corn to the bird. When the bird start eating the corn, click on it and a tentacle will take 2 feathers from the bird. The Witch will use the corn to hit the bird and then 1 feather will drop down near the cage.
    8. Click on the Right mouse hole and as soon as the mouse appear, click on the feather nearby. The mouse will take it.
    9. Click on the Left mouse hole and wait for the mouse to use the feather and make the broomstick laugh out loud (LoL). The spider will jump on top of the cats head that will result for the cat to lose its continence. Click on the Left mouse hole again and wait for the mouse to take the key.
    10. Click on the Right mouse hole and trade the piece of cheese for the key of your cage. Unlock the cage.

    - When you unlock the cage, a tentacle will appear above you and when you press on it, it will give you an Eye that will show you how to unlock the front gate of the Witch house.
    Spins 3-2-1,3-1,1 where 1 is the center of the keylock. Its little tricky though..

    Now its up to you, to choose what ending you want.

    Plant Ending:

    1-11. Press on the kids to get out of the cage and lead them to the front door. The Witch will start chasing them with help of her striped monster.
    1-12. Click on the damaged wall just above the orange pumpkin. The wall will be damaged more and a bug will appear.
    1-13. Chase the bug (click on it) until it reaches above the mushrooms. Click on them and they will transform the bug into Fairy. Click on the Fairy and wait for the plant to eat the evil Witch.
    1-14. Escape through the front door, using the right spin combination.

    Frog Ending:

    2-11. Even the cage is unlocked, don't lead the kids to get out of it. Click and chase the bug and transform it to a Fairy.
    2-12. Click on the Fairy and wait until she transform the Witch into a small green frog.
    2-13. Now lead the kids to escape through the door, using the right spin combination.

    Escape safely out of the evil Witch house!

    Thank the author of this Walkthrough:



        on Dec 29, 2010 at 9:58 am | report
      Wow u are a real expert of this game,all the details and tricks for this game are all in one word for u Sokki PRO.


        on Aug 14, 2010 at 3:41 pm | report
      me gusta mucho jugarlo

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