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    Created by cdrck

      August 8, 2010, 6:04 am
    lol i only did this for EXP :) but here you go if your stuck...

    Lvl 1
    shoot both men fast

    Lvl 2 (in order)
    kill the guy on the tower
    the guy on the left wall
    then the right wall

    Lvl 3 (in order)
    shoot the 2 cameras first before killing(the one on building and wall)
    the guy inside the gate
    the guy in the guard house
    the guy outside the gate(while the other guy is walking away from him)
    the guy walking(kill him fast so he wont see the other guys you shot)

    Lvl 4 (in order)
    kill the guy inside the building(right)
    then the man outside

    Lvl 5
    shoot the generator(the one on the left building)
    then kill the guy with the wrench(the engineer)

    Lvl 6
    kill both men between the buildings
    tip: be fast

    Lvl 7
    kill the guy moving in his window near the hotel entrance

    Lvl 8 (in order)
    shoot the turret guy
    the guy inside the window
    the guy on the balcony
    then the three dudes:
    up(near the building), right(between these ), down(the guy walking)

    Lvl 9
    kill both guards while each are walking away from each other
    then shoot the guy with the briefcase (he will show up at the entrance)

    Lvl 10
    shoot the guy inside the red car


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