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    Created by jvitor

      June 29, 2012, 12:30 am
    Stage 1-Click on the branch of the tree and click on food chicken and then click the chicken.

    Stage 2-Click on the crowbar and click the box and click the dynamite and click on the fire and click on the rocks on the right.

    Stage 3-Click on the container with balls, click on the switch, click the box, click the three buttons on the box and place the 8 ball purple, yellow ball in the 3 and 6 on the red ball, get the disc and click on the record player and click on lever.

    Stage 4-Click on painting and briefcase, click the brush and click any color and click on paint.

    Stage 5-Click on the door handle, click the boxes until the magnet, magnet click, click in the trunk and click on the string, click the "Rope and magnet" and click down the man, click on "Car key "and then in humans.

    Stage 6-Click on the shelf at the bottom of the poster, click the button that appeared, click the key, click the "key" and click on the cabinet on the left, click the yellow balloon and click the keyboard on the right and enter the code: 8 - 5-2-3 and click on the pump and click the "balloon" and click on the nozzle of the pump and click the lever of pump and then click on the balloon.

    Stage 7-Put all the pieces of the train instead.

    Stage 8-Click on the remote control on top of the truck, click the button down and click on the cars three times, then click the top button and click on the car twice, then click the button down and button up.

    Stage 9-Click on the ornaments and put on the button purple, then rotate the ornament upper left to the claw is to the left, turn the ornament lower left for the claw stay down, turn the ornament upper right to the claw get to the right and turn the ornament right lower so that the claw stay to the left.

    Stage 10-Click oncups to find a key, click the key and put on the door, click the second blue object on top of the television, take the tape that appeared at the door and put the tape into the player, click play and click on red television and click the big red button to start the game (to win the game press the big red button to change the character of direction, the goal is to get the key and enter the door without hitting the wall).

    Stage 11-Click on the parts that are scattered and put all in the middle square, then click the torch, then click the "torch" and set on fire and then light the torches 1,4,5,7,8 (from left to right).

    Stage 12-Click the screwdriver and click the box next to the door, click the box next to the door, turn on each color to another by clicking on the ball from right to change the color (look where the wire goes and put in your particular color), click on the spaceman and click the green light.

    Stage 13 Click on the net and put in the river several times to find the key, click the "key" and click on the door, click on the bucket, click on the fish and click the seal and then click the yellow ball.

    Stage 14-Click the cauldron then click the key, click on the door, click on the broom, click on the old, click the white cloth and click on the chimney and click the old, click on the door of the house on top, click inside the port and click the old.

    Stage 15-Click on the gun, click on the target (Level 1: hit the target five times, Level 2: hit all the targets, Level 3: hit the targets that are with yellow light, Level 4: hit 6 targets, Final Level : hit all the targets yellow).

    Stage Final-Click the flower vase that is in the window, click the key, click the "key" and click the left door, click the blue gem, click on the tabs above to the left and grab the green gem and candle, click the windows up to the right, click in the middle window, take the cloth, then click the "cloth" and click on the barrel, click the "candle" and click on the barrel, put the candle in her place, take the lockpick which was a barrel before, click the "lockpick" and click on the padlock, click the "candle" and click where it was locked with a padlock, grab the banana ornament and red gem and click on the cupboard and take the knocker, click the "knocker" and click on blue door and take the yellow gem and put the gem in place beneath the statue of the monkey and put the banana ornament in hand monkey, now click on the bells in this order: large bell, medium bell, small bell, small bell, bell medium, large bell and is now just click on all bananas.

    Congratulations you finished the game!
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos enigmas

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