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    Created by jvitor

      July 2, 2012, 12:56 pm
    1-Click on a locked box next to the sink
    2-Click on the carpet down
    3-Click the key
    4-Click on the drawers
    5-Click the middle drawer
    6-Click on the handle
    7-Go back and go right
    8-Click on the curtain
    9-Click the bathtub
    10-Click the  rubber duck
    11-Go back and click in the shower on top
    12-Click the wire
    13-Go back and go right
    14-Click the toilet left
    15-Click the  plug
    16-Go back and click the trash
    17-Click the smudged paper
    18-Click the  hammer head to the left of the trash
    19-Go back and click on the toilet seat
    20-Click on the toilet right
    21- Place the rubber duck on the toilet
    22-Go back and click on the flush
    23-Click on the toilet right
    24-Click on the part of a combination
    25-Go back and go right
    26-Click on the picture
    27- Place the red wire to green wire
    28-Go right twice
    29-Put the plug in the sink
    30-Click the tap
    31-Click on the soap on the left of the sink
    32-Place the smudged paper in the sink
    33-Combine the two part of a combination
    34-Combine the handle with hammer head
    35-Combine the hammer with the locked  box
    36-Click on the drawers
    37-Put the key in the top drawer
    38-Click the top drawer
    39-Click the gun magazine
    40-Go back and go left twice
    41-Place the full combination in safe
    42-Click in the safe
    43-Click the gun
    44-Go right
    45-Combine the bullets with the gun magazine
    46-Combine the loaded magazine with the gun
    47-Place the gun in the door
    Credits: jvitor o rei dos enigmas

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