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    Created by Murasaki

      August 17, 2012, 7:13 pm
    Stage 1: Reach door.

    Stage 2: Jump to reach door.

    Stage 3: Get key.

    Stage 4: Reach door. Get Shellshocked.

    Stage 5: Reach door. Grab PDA while at it.

    Stage 6: Reach door in far left hand corner.

    Stage 7: Get keys. Get light bulb. Return to Stage 6. Enter door in far left hand corner.

    Stage 8: Three numbered doors. Start with door 1.

    Door 1: Get key. Enter unblocked door. Get keys. Return to Stage 8.

    Door 2:
    Step 1: Jump on the arrows that make the room flip. Jump right, left, then right again. You should end up on a platform on the far left of the room. Get key. Reach revealed door.
    Step 2: Intimidating room. Hit the right arrows to flip the room. Get key. Enter unblocked room.
    Step 3: Old school plat-forming! Just jump to reach other door. Then, jump across the single blocks to reveal a door on the far right hand side of the room. Secret room: Get a key. Back to door in step 3. Step 4: Get key. Return to Stage 8.
    Bonus: Room of certain death in step 1: Get the newspaper/Smiley Code.

    Door 3: Get key. Enter Black door. Get key. Leave. Enter white door. Ignore any feelings of Deja Vu. Get key. The door is STILL not accessible. Return the the platform just right of the door. SHIFT. Get key. Enter room. Get the newspaper!! Return to Stage 8.
    Final Area door: Get key. Return to Stage 8. Go back to Stage 6. Get newspaper!! Go back to Stage 8. Return to Stage 7. Find hidden door in top left hand corner. The words are upright. Get newspaper!! Return to Stage 8.

    It's all a downhill ride from there. Go through the Final Area Door and the rest is obvious. When you reach the end, put the four newspaper numbers into the corresponding boxes and the gates should open.

    Escape!! Have Fun in space!!

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